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Random Poem:

I hate Asparagus

Get one last look at your perfect world before my inauguration
Cause it’s all about to change.
I would paint the White House hot magenta
And see news reporters try to keep a straight face
When they say,
“The President spoke on terrorism today from the balcony of the Hot Magenta House.”
I would make a little state
At the point where the 4-corners states meet
Just so that nobody could say “Hey! I’m in all four states at the same time!” anymore
And if that’s not legal, I’ll put a rent-a-john there or something.
I’d probably humiliate environmental freaks on TV, just because it’s fun
“Those freakin’ tree-huggers” I’ll say
But I’ll make it up to them if they get mad and, legalize human-plant marriages
…But only in that 4-corner disruptor state, though.
I’ll put an Eskimo in my cabinet
And make him come in full Eskimo dress
To any formal functions we have to go to.
He has to make sure to have the spear with him, too.
I would knock down the secret bowling alley in the (soon to be) Hot Magenta House
And in its place build a giant trampoline and a giant moonwalk
And make all visiting foreign dignitaries have a go.
My secretary of foreign affairs will be a retired circus clown with trampoline experience.
But I have to focus on re-election, so I’ll declare national scuba-suit day
Everybody has to wear snorkels and flippers wherever they go
Which is a good thing for holiday card manufacturers
So I’ll have their vote come the next election.
The most important thing that I have to make sure to do, though
Is to make the use of asparagus
In any way, shape or form
A federal offense.
I hate asparagus.

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