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Random Poem:

Cardboard tenant

The dazzling, endless sky of stars
does not make me feel insignificant,
but a cardboard box does.
When it comes down to it,
my whole life fits in there
with room to spare.
So if you had to evacuate
before some disaster
rattling your plaster,
say tornado or tsunami,
what would you grab?
My mother’s good necklace,
slightly bent, barely worn,
but good value if scrapped.
My father’s old watch
that sits comfortably on this wrist,
ignoring some segments overlapped.
All of my qualifications
in a disturbingly thin packet,
driver’s license proudly
strutting over the top.
Stop. My comb as a baby?
I loved that. Fact,
but I’ll sacrifice it.
Or not.
A library book,
which they can’t
possibly expect me to return
and then I turned,
and there it was.
The birthday card
from my first rushed crush;
my former pretty beau
to those in the know.
In the bin;
no time to sink in.
So many things
are trigger for memories.
I watched my house
whipped away,
drowned in torrents.
Losing everything
but a cardboard box
is like having amnesia.
In the end,
I filled it with tickets,
train tickets, cinema tickets,
fairground tickets – you pay
for everything these days.
I filled it with ripped old tickets
because I want to remember
and because
the only thing of value I have
are my friends
and they’re safe somewhere else.

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