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Random Poem:


dying has been agonizing.
  so far
every moment in some bereavement
i see the words i’ve spoken
meant nothing to me
everything to them.
those words had purpose it’s not
  a complete                             waste.
my desire of future is sliding away
as my plight poems slide up lists.
death has it’s ups.
like cheating
there’s a chance you get what you ask for
if you grab it and run like a cripple
through life
          with a wish
and afterwards. much later. much much later.
when the drunks have been ushered out
or tossed out
all cash tips counted
and judgement day has passed
        up on yourself
you can see it. death.
no more fear of it.
like some fucking satori
look at what you’ve done,
you can finally breathe
because all you ever had to begin with
was your bare ass as the doctor spanked it
remember that ?
         that first shock of air?
that’s the truth. that’s all you had.
death is so damn common
get over it.
die. again.

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