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Welcome to Poetry Critical, an online poetry workshop. To post your own poetry you'll need to create a user id by typing a name and password in the box above and hitting 'New User'. If you just want to critique or jump into the discussion, however, you can go ahead and get started!

Random Poem:


i don't know the blues i said
it's fine, i'll teach you she said
where do i hold you i asked
one hand here, the other on my bra clasp she said
like this i asked
yea, and any lower, any woman would slap you she said
how about my legs i asked
a man is like a rock, steady and bent at the knees she said
why is your right leg tucked in between mine, so close to the crotch i asked
it's so you can guide me with your hips, the man always leads she said
i want to dip you, and spin you i said
not before i show you how we connect she said
connect i asked
yes, arm under arm, we have elasticity, connection, do with your hand how my body should react she said
oh my, did i just make your body roll against mine i asked
you're not leading me yet, the dancing is mutual, and eyes up here, not at my chest she said
sorry, i really have no clue where to gaze, i said
nevermind, most guys do that anyway she said
i want to dip you, and spin you, do you trust me now i asked
sure, go on, i trust you she said
so i dipped her
three times
i had only thought of one
but her body said more
then i swung her
back into our close embrace
her temple against mine,
and we clung and swayed
the blue night away.

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