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Random Poem:

Oh, What A Guy

If being soulful means you’re full of soul
Well, I sure am full of something you gave me
But that’s for another day.
You pricked me with your sharp claws,
Like needles entering my flesh
And depositing your goo
And it traveled through all of me,
Out of my mouth
And back to you.
You had me hooked,
Control never looked
Quite so good or seemed
So fly. Just a sentence from you
And I’ve sold hours of my life.
The words you feed me are like little magic pills
A druggie, I become, jonesing to get
My fill. You leave me with the sunrise as
A new day begins. I’m left alone
And exhausted, with your scent
On my skin.
I’m anxious and holding on to the
Distraction you give me, like a penance
At the foot of your barstool altar,
Crying “save me from my problems
Oh father!”
Goodbye to you as I drink that last drop,
For if I stay with you ill be ten years older
With nothing but a more resentful heart.
I know I’ll miss you from time to time
And I’ll think of you if you were still mine
But then I’ll remember you never really were
And I will then wake up and become more wise.
I will be stronger and avoid your strategic charades.
I will fold my hand in your stupid mind games.
I’m finished! I’m through! I know I’ve said this before
And you’re probably laughing if you’re keeping score,
Tallying up my mistakes and how many times I fell off the wagon
Giving in to your charms. Losing myself to the false
High you give me. Oh, what a guy.
You’re an entertainer, life of the party
And when you’re not around,
Everything’s more boring
But you’re like a good Saturday night
And a terrible Sunday Morning.
You say I’m amazing, incredible, beautiful
And more but you’re not ready yet to
Be more than friends.
What’s with guys these days? Is this
Some kind of trend?
I’m sick of your shenanigans.
You’re an escape for me when I get stressed,
a one-way ticket to irresponsibility
Land via the Express. You’re a temporary upper
Just before a downer, at best.
You don’t really give a shit about me,
That’s evident. Call me up only
When it’s convenient. We drive around
This place, I let you put your hands on me
In a drunken daze.
You kiss me and hold me,
And it is in those little moments
I just don’t understand how you
Want to stay only friends.
I know we have a connection and that is what
makes this so difficult. But I’m not growing and
Something needs to change and you have
Made it clear we don’t see things the same.
You’d be fine if everything just remained.
But frankly, I’m not like other girls.
And this situation is driving me
I could go on because despite all the shit
You are one of the most memorable souls
I have ever met and you came to me when I needed you
But I do believe your duties are through.
You listen, but you don’t really hear,
Must be those earplugs made out of fear.
I know deep inside there is a loving man
Who knows I am pretty damn grand.
This fucking blows but
I need to woman-up and own
The gates to my heart.
Be more strict with who is allowed
To enter and who gets a part.
So I will go my own way and I wish
You only the best.
And while this
Does suck, I’ll let you go. I hope you
Figure your shit out too, because
You really do deserve to let
Someone in who loves you.

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