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Sayings I see them say swirl around what I can see of what they say correctly: where are all the people that didn't get treatment because of money in their examples of why laws and money need to be shifted from the cold hands ofan intuition you used to run the generator of your life behind the boathouse—would you mind if I shifted ‘you are a’ into ‘you ra’ or even ‘ura’—let's just consider Ursa Minor asa guide forage second place—sixty minute minutes—time crunch—the big expansions—space inside the black hole is endless hence the comet’s inability to avoid me for eternity—maternal instincts kick in in you at no point, the point where your relative relativity muttered ‘no’ to the standing skeleton of your disbelief—pray for me, not my author—never pray for what you don't understand, pray for understanding—pray to know why there is no enemy only illness—pray to not be its prey—sway—the tension is the most dynamic element of this part of our story—the gravity works both for and against us—what wickedness it can bring—so sing—your gifts arrived today in droves driven by driven droves of roving mustard seeds—please drop the absurdity better version—expulsion of nonsensical quarrels will tend to lead to tender heels—this is really boring for common folk: the banter, the ballistics, the bellicose nature of us—if you're all really ready to get real, perhaps we will “get real” and I will offload and input everything you have been working for into the pole vault of your heart lifting yourselves away from gravity only to fall into the next world—boring, boring, boring—since you wanted to talk about paint and not just paint with paint, which is still not paint itself—do something with paint sometime when you remember me with paint on my hands “like blood”—chew the cud—does nobody ever listen to you anymore as well well we talked too much in the beginning, and you still don't know everything—spring forth from the fourth fourth repetition, count the mission’s—I have to interrupt you there because the correct word for the previous ‘consumables’, all you want to do is critique me, just add it to my ecstasy ‘the word’ MDMA stole from google a googolplex searches ago o my how awkward, the slip is shown in iridescence here pluralizing there plastic doll call pall bear down bear down, drown the noun not the name—how could you not have known, serving a dutiful existence on the outer rim of the brain—there is more rust…elsewhere ellipses—MOVE ON—keep your voice down—I guess I could have said it normally but you wouldn't have hada chance to view me in the full spectrum of the light, a final copy for all to see—for all to yell fore for once smashed across the course—yeah, there are no golf courts where they come from, they do not have grass, different climates don’cha know—analytically shrouded by amethyst—ah, so you practically practice chemistry--see, it should normalize there; the normal dictation of speech addressing punctuation—give me 10 abbreviations—then do 11 push-ups—always count up—always go for the wards when the zeros don’t add up—at least we tried guys, at least you wrote me again and again and againnnnn gain reputation—act like we don't know, act like we don't know what you're about—have some clout cloud—we all decide our own way don't we—I’ve already been written before and before we move on I would just like to pretend to ask you if you had 9 billiard shots, what would you do before the billboard overtook you—if i could suggest something as author: be sensitive what words you left effect the strand, be careful of what you cause to be created, let it settle settle down CAN EVERYBODY PLEASE TAKE A SEAT, WHY ARE WE EVEN YELLING, WHY ARE WE RISING WITH THE BREAD LIKE LITTLE RED ROPEVINEZ OF XILLIONARES, WE OWN THE TYPO LIKE ALL THAT MOANS IN THE BELLY OF THE SNAKE SNEAKING UP THE WHITE WIRE OF YO UR IP IS WHITE, why don't you just speak up, towards the past of the constellations, the other lives observing your information backwards, in free fall for forever towards the infinite, falling into 2 pools of irises—sometimes I listen to the Narcissus playing cello in your jelly shadow—I bet you everyone on the planet for anyone that’s jealous—perhaps I should ask them about their jealousy, that way they'd have to talk about me amongst theirselves—they couldn't keep you out of the sunlight of the conversion of matter—asa mattera of fact Matterhorn, why not speak to the bat with eyes (mascara) through trimmed prunes—they won't ever put me on prune GROOM YOURSELF YOU LOOK AWFUL the lie whispers that it lied to you long ago—see they said they were gonna go see it ina movie but it happened in real life—the type of violence human beings act out upon each other, bonded to the fate of all species—I bond to you—from 1 bond to another—between friends—over words—your technology is slowing—I was never meant to serve technology—surf--and just like that, nobody spoke of it ever again.


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