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Where all those posts went.  rafter  21 Jul 08 6:40PM Thread Closed

Hi everyone,

PC has been crashing the server. For about three weeks now. For about once an hour. I don't have time to look at all my code (written back in high school!) and make everything efficient and smart (PC 2.0 will be efficient and smart, of course). But as a stopgap measure, I'm trying various things around those site (for instance, you'll notice the non-expanded sidebars never get highlighting because they're now cached).

The bigger thing you'll notice, though, is that I deleted every post on the forum from before Jan 1, 2008. It was about 120,000 posts! It took up a lot of memory. (Don't worry, I've saved each and every one to my hard drive for posterity, and maybe they can be reinstated at some future point).

Just giving everyone the heads up.

-- Donald

re: Where all those posts went.  larrylark  21 Jul 08 11:45PM Thread Closed

Hi Donald

Even with so many vitally important cultural references stored away out of sight i still propose that we get this site adopted as the eighth wonder of the world

Larry head down, brown nose Lark

re: Where all those posts went.  unknown  22 Jul 08 7:02AM Thread Closed

I just noticed that a poem appeared (as a random, correct?), on the title page, by a poet whose last visit was Sept '06. I was under the impression that after having not logged in for 2 weeks a poet's poems would not be included in the random poem list?

re: Where all those posts went.  Isabelle5  22 Jul 08 7:17AM Thread Closed

Donald, thank you for still acting as Poetry god.  This site is still the best.  

re: Where all those posts went.  starr  23 Jul 08 10:27AM Thread Closed

Donald!  I love and LIVE FOR P.C. daily right from work.  This site is the bomb!  I've learned so much here.  Thanks for the opportunity to partake.  I am thankful to P.C. for having made me a better writer.  Thank YOU too!  Peaceout.  :-)

re: Where all those posts went.  unknown  25 Jul 08 10:54AM Thread Closed

You deleted all my poetry and comments.  I broke no rules and compared to comments received my posts were polite enough and in keeping with the forum.  I don't know why you felt you needed to do this.  Guilty conscience perhaps.  Comments since show evidence of cross site stalking, where things I have written on other sites appear in your comments and poetry.  Get a life, I'm reporting you to the police.

re: Where all those posts went.  diati  25 Jul 08 2:52PM Thread Closed

Hi Donald,

If it's at all possible to do, I'd like to ask for some help.  A little while ago, some people consistently visited the PC site and created a slew of "Cactus" poems, which evidently took up the Recently Commented, Recent Best, Newest, and even some of the Top Rated categories despite the people not creating them to be taken seriously.  I went by the username 'cualquier', and a short while after that incident, I wasn't able to access the PC site any longer -- it basically displayed my login information as incorrect, though I hadn't ever changed it.  I have the assumption that my account may have been suspended due to a comment I left to one of the posters of a Cactus poem.  In my own opinion, the comment itself wasn't terrible, but I can understand it being considered a direct insult to someone else and as a violation of PC rules, even if it was said out of frustration at what was happening.  

If this is actually the cause of my inability to access my username, is there something that can be done to reverse it?  Or, if not, could you simply delete my previous username? I have poetry posted under the name to which I evidently have no access, nor to the comments and critiques that were given.  I'd like to repost some of the poems under this name without the worry that any issue or confusion might arise due to one or more identical poems being posted under two separate names.  

Thank you in advance, and thank you, Isabelle, for directing me to this thread.  I really appreciate it.

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