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the threads fail  joey  2 Oct 08 9:05AM Thread Closed

the threads fail because the participants think it's about being a poet rather than writing a poem.

re: the threads fail  chuckle_s  2 Oct 08 9:12AM Thread Closed

actually calvin klein might say dont you know the text aisle i think its indonesia right next to the toothpaste that minty flavour just doesnt work on you girlfriend everything old is new again welcome to retro towne

re: the threads fail  joey  2 Oct 08 9:13AM Thread Closed

it's true, but they use egyptian in the bracing and those little white lines always get you into trouble.

re: the threads fail  chuckle_s  2 Oct 08 9:16AM Thread Closed

well didnt you hear it on newsworld sorry see it on howard stern after much debate by forward thinking rightminded folks garbed most resplendently in the regalia of the farflung dusty vision we shall name yesteryear white is the new black

re: the threads fail  unknown  2 Oct 08 9:46AM Thread Closed

> the threads fail because the participants think it's about being a
> poet rather than writing a poem.Well, let’s see if we can keep up, and along with joey’s line of thought.

Joey has postulated that the threads concerning the critical review of poetry, fail because the participants are more concerned about being a poet, than actually writing a poem.

Well. One could take a certain exception towards that somewhat confused logic.

In order to counter joey’s argument we need to establish what joey considers the words poet and poetry mean; at least to him.

As poetry starts with a poet, we need to define what a poet is. The normal concept of a poet is one that is skilled in the writing of poetry. Therefore following logic and its assumption to its lowest common denominator, it could be argued that there are in fact no poets on PC.

Therefore it is quite logical to assume, that all threads started in respect off an expected input by poets, are to be judged by lack of a certain qualification doomed to failure.

As such the question of poetry no longer arises.


re: the threads fail  netskyIam  2 Oct 08 9:56AM Thread Closed

^ ^
Impeccable logic and with a rapier blade, and we have a man who would have advised Kings, better, how to keep a country whole: by peaceful words and good men with swords. kudos to the fighters.

re: the threads fail  Isabelle5  2 Oct 08 10:08AM Thread Closed

Joey, the threads fail because you have yet to learn the definition of insanity -
Doing the same thing over and over, hoping for another result.

Do you not see that you are not convincing anyone with your arguments toward your opinions?

If you continue, one must assume you are insane, by definition.

So sorry about that but if the mental shoe fits...

re: the threads fail  netskyIam  2 Oct 08 10:17AM Thread Closed

thanks for that clarity, Isabelle.  
The joey insanity shoe, size 20, fits his size 9 feet like clown clogs best do.

re: the threads fail  onklcrispy  2 Oct 08 10:20AM Thread Closed

who determines failure? success?

re: the threads fail  Isabelle5  2 Oct 08 10:28AM Thread Closed

In poetry?  The poet is the only one who can make that declaration.  Others can say it's bad or incomplete or whatever but if it said what was needed, isn't that success to the poet?

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