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Future #1  unknown  3 Oct 08 6:09AM Thread Closed

if you can name one or two writers here who presently  writes  mediocre poetry but has the potential to be great someday who would it be?

re: Future #1  CervusWright  3 Oct 08 6:43AM Thread Closed


re: Future #1  markfelician  3 Oct 08 6:46AM Thread Closed

that's impossible CervusWright. Your poem is everything but mediocre. You are already great.

re: Future #1  CervusWright  3 Oct 08 6:49AM Thread Closed

Shhhh, we'll both end up getting caned by Joey...  Thanks anyway, possum :)

re: Future #1  markfelician  3 Oct 08 6:53AM Thread Closed

ru kidding?  i love being canned, esp by joey.

re: Future #1  CervusWright  3 Oct 08 7:11AM Thread Closed

I'm not sure if you watch, or have ever managed to see the show 'Scrubs'?  Joey reminds me of a less succinct, slightly retarded Dr Cox.  The only difference I see between Joey and Dr Cox, is that the good Doctor, at his core, is filled with compassion and his abrasiveness (done with a cruel humour in a way Joey tries to achieve, but doesn't quite deliver) is all about making the ones he LOVES around him, see the bigger picture, and strike that balance between humility and social justice.

Joey is looking for something, I think.  Possibly the dialogue he keeps mentioning, or maybe his tribe.  Either way, his fury during his seeking, inspires a little anxiety in me, and I prefer to just shut-up and nod.  Anyway, truth is, what do I know?  He may be right...

Damn, now I've got Billy Joel stuck in my head.  Lucky you, you're probably young enough to not remember the tune I'm thinking of.

re: Future #1  markfelician  3 Oct 08 7:14AM Thread Closed


re: Future #1  CervusWright  3 Oct 08 7:22AM Thread Closed

Nah, that other one...

"You may be right, I may be crazy. Woh, but it just may be a looonatic you're lookin' for.  Too late to fight, don't try to change me, you may be wrong, for all I know but you may be right.."


re: Future #1  markfelician  3 Oct 08 7:34AM Thread Closed

ohhh that! yeah, i dont know the title. hikhik

re: Future #1  joey  3 Oct 08 7:39AM Thread Closed

i'd look for someone who is very clever in combining sounds and in shaping the rhetorical patterns of her writing, who can say things cleverly, but not yet write a word-leaf which is complete in itself, one which draws the reader into the author''s reality itself, and not just into the 'talked about'. but, who can say? only the god of poetry can say, and perhaps the god doesn't know either.

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