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What makes Dr. House sooo "loved"? UD  unknown  19 Nov 08 12:00PM Thread Closed

Umbrella dude here,

I recently started watching the show house.

And watching this guy really got me thinking...

this guy is a cynical bastard, he's not "good looking", he's selfish, he's arrogant and just a flat out douchebag.

Yet his show was the most watched scripted program on TV in 2007-2008. Why do people like this guy soo much?

I'm just wondering.

- umbrella dude

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  peoplescareT  19 Nov 08 12:06PM Thread Closed

I liked house, until it got so repetitive and predictable.

I think people like him because he struggles with peoples' perception of morality vs logic. He is ruled by logic, which at times allows him to see a morally superior course of action. He actually almost always takes the high road. He is never sensless, and that endears him to me, or him to me, not sure...

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  peoplescareT  19 Nov 08 12:07PM Thread Closed

=) "me to him"

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  Isabelle5  19 Nov 08 12:07PM Thread Closed

I love that show!  It's one of the only shows I watch lately, along with the man who helps restaurants get better.  The guy who was on Hell's Kitchen.  I didn't like him but I watched one show and I was hooked.

House - Hugh Laurie - he is attractive because he's not easily attainable and you know that if he ever cares, he'll care deeply, for the right reasons.   He is portrayed as massively intelligent and when you least expect it, he shows great compassion.  He is good looking in a waifish sort of way, not my type at all, but I do see the attraction, especially to the female doctors.  

I get bored of House sometimes, mainly because they always have to get the crash cart on every show and it's a cheat because they find very obscure things that the average watcher would never guess.  There is always just slightly too much action going on but it's still interesting.  

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  AlchemiA  19 Nov 08 12:19PM Thread Closed

... in a world where everything is soo wrong, Dr. House is always right; he is a realist able to plumb the conflicted mind of man and all their obsessions to delve deep into what ails him/her, always coming up with the wild card of what to do to fix him/her up -- yet as all our Heroes today are conflicted, he has a blind spot -- his blind spot is empathy -- humour and wit are a big draw for this series

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  unknown  19 Nov 08 1:32PM Thread Closed

I was in England over the weekend and I listened to Gordon Ramsey talk about the American show on the BBC. He stated British food was superior to American, citing Burger King as an example of the basic US restaurant (because, of course, when I think of high-class restaurant, BK comes to mind . . . ) and went on to list British restaurants as highly sanitary compared with its American counterparts (ironically, I sat in a UK Starbuck's the next night while the barista carried the trash through the restaurant area). He said some other flame-worthy items before the interview blissfully closed.

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  Isabelle5  19 Nov 08 2:09PM Thread Closed

Some people are still annoyed that we left your union!  I have heard from those who watch the American versions and the English versions of things, such as The Office and Ab Fab, that the English version is always much better.  We have a lot of censuring still, although you can say ass now.  When I was a little girl, Lucy and Desi of I Love Lucy could not even sleep in the same bed, even married!

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  DeformedLion  19 Nov 08 8:38PM Thread Closed

The American version of "The Office" is, in fact, the superior one...as my heart must attest.

anyway,  I disagree with whoever said house was predicable...but the inclusion of the new kids certainly shook up the status quo- and, really, all i want to do is spank them. the buggers.

all hail the television!

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  raskolniikov  20 Nov 08 12:02AM Thread Closed

stop watching television and read a book.

re: What makes Dr. House sooo  CervusWright  20 Nov 08 3:26AM Thread Closed

Check out Hugh Laurie as the foppish English Prince in Blackadder.  Hilarious.  Rowan Aitkenson is in it too.  You all know 'House' is English, don't you?  'Course you do...

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