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funny poems  OKcomputer  25 Nov 08 6:44AM Thread Closed

do you have any funny poems

re: funny poems  peoplescareT  25 Nov 08 7:16AM Thread Closed

do you?

re: funny poems  chuckle_s  25 Nov 08 7:37AM Thread Closed

(knit 1)
being adult is serious business
obligatory fart jokes are officially off the disney menu
a new world orderliness is here

re: funny poems  Isabelle5  25 Nov 08 7:40AM Thread Closed

Yes, but you have to hunt for them.

re: funny poems  peoplescareT  25 Nov 08 7:46AM Thread Closed

Fart jokes were never obligatory. I choose them of my own volition and will continue to do so. Airborn poo particles will outlast us all.

re: funny poems  Reid_Welch  25 Nov 08 12:24PM Thread Closed

Parfum, The Poem:   a duplex-complex that

smells funny:


re: funny poems  onklcrispy  28 Nov 08 10:05AM Thread Closed

all the poems here are funny

re: funny poems  unknown  28 Nov 08 10:10AM Thread Closed

Are you wearing wonkly spectacles?

re: funny poems  unknown  28 Nov 08 10:34AM Thread Closed

wonkly rhythm

re: funny poems  unknown  28 Nov 08 11:36AM Thread Closed

Oh! You are clever, you noticed, especially written for "wonkly "readers.


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