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Favorites!  WordsAndMe  9 Aug 09 12:07PM Thread Closed

What are your favorite poems on PC and why?

re: Favorites!  JKWeb  9 Aug 09 12:16PM Thread Closed

Geez Words-
I have a list
if I had just a few, I'd list em'
but they're my faves because for me,
they stand out and above what I've read not only on this site but in general

re: Favorites!  trashpoodle  9 Aug 09 12:17PM Thread Closed

this is, for me, an extraordinary poem -- one which i could never write -- it seems like the exact combination of writing out of the mystery of poetry and writing towards an audience. it makes my poems seem as contrived as songs for a 1930's stage musical.


looking at what is being said, and what isn't being said in this one -- the way the images seem to tossed into the page space and juggled -- held up by the sheer energy of seeing the poem and writing it, is to be inside the poem and in the poet's consciousness -- so much more than the blah-blah, 'i woke up and looked at my shoe' poems. and, it's got a music in it which is very subtle, very real and engaging if you're sensitive to music -- something like webern, really.

i'm in awe.

re: Favorites!  WordsAndMe  9 Aug 09 12:18PM Thread Closed

Haha, understood. I've a long, long list of 'favorites' poems, too.  I love the reason you've listed above for Why you 'favorite' poems. Very cool, JKW :)

re: Favorites!  JKWeb  9 Aug 09 12:24PM Thread Closed

One that really stands out for me is
"A dead leaf grave (one note song)" by Rynne
I would describe it as beautifully sad
it moves me on so many levels...

re: Favorites!  unknown  9 Aug 09 12:25PM Thread Closed

Yep, agree with JK, most of my faves are not on this site, but the top rated right now 'New Nagasaki' has long been a fave of mine, for the comparisons of language it uses, from old, everyday image, to new unknown image.
It's a new language in the making, or at least a reconstruction of known language into new thought space.

re: Favorites!  unknown  9 Aug 09 12:27PM Thread Closed

The 'Sam Rah Goose' is an ok poem, but that is all.

re: Favorites!  WordsAndMe  9 Aug 09 12:30PM Thread Closed

Very interesting picks all around!
I've noted that many of my 'favorites' are by the same poet, so listing poets and examples of their work I truly admire is easier for me:
MusicWords: I adore approx 80% of Music's work on PC.
Isabelle: I especially like when Isa runs with the edgy, even agressive side of feminitiy. "Bitch Train" and "I dont look dirty in red" are examples.
TragicBubble: Tragic's slam poems are simply phenomenal. Ex: "Katrina's Daughters"

re: Favorites!  trashpoodle  9 Aug 09 12:31PM Thread Closed

not to derail the seriousness of the thread by begging the question, but what is 'ok' and what are your criteria for a good poem? what didn't it do for you?

or, is that too much talking about myself, when the thread is not really about 'why', but only about showing and telling?

> The 'Sam Rah Goose' is an ok poem, but that is all.

re: Favorites!  JKWeb  9 Aug 09 12:34PM Thread Closed

"sam rah goose" is good but not WOW good for me anyhow
but I guess that's part of what makes us individuals

another one for me that stands out is probably the first on I read on this site about 7 or so months ago called "Violence is sometimes the Answer" by MrChris

it's very clever and unique

sorry I don't have the links, I'm not up to par with all of this technology

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