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STOP  Sequiturist  16 Jul 10 4:36PM Thread Closed

with all these pretentious bullshit and petty self-righteous arguments. let's keep shit REAL.

you know who you are.

re: STOP  unknown  16 Jul 10 4:37PM Thread Closed

yes, and you're correct to think that, because, like h., i'm simply an inventor and rearranger of already existing elements: words. but, i'm a poet,

re: STOP  unknown  16 Jul 10 4:45PM Thread Closed

jeez, you make us seem like victims. we're the only people who can turn the tricks back on the tricksters and make them look like they lost.

re: STOP  unknown  16 Jul 10 4:59PM Thread Closed

be cool if you failed the test, lost your job, for theft, and had to be on the street and marginal for a year and then get a dish-washing job for 20, years without becoming a crack-head

re: STOP  unknown  16 Jul 10 6:12PM Thread Closed

in the name of love

mike and jenny

re: STOP  unknown  16 Jul 10 11:43PM Thread Closed

Think it o-wo-ver

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