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FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DeformedLion  7 Dec 10 8:49AM Thread Closed

Just wrote what i thought was a beauty of a poem. was feeling fucking kind of fucking special. of course i forgot to save it somewhere else and it got lost in space when i went to post it. FUCLKCLCLCLCLCKLCKCKCKCKCKC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  DeformedLion  7 Dec 10 8:50AM Thread Closed


and there is no way i am going to try and write it from recall

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  sybarite  7 Dec 10 9:00AM Thread Closed

My deepest sympathies -- we've all done it and it really does such when it happens.  I now do my writing on paper or in notepad first.  

Hopefully it will come back to you.

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  syrossoul  7 Dec 10 9:06AM Thread Closed

a woman will reveal herself in your dream tonight, she'll be wearing a blue rose... she will recite the poem, make sure you have pen and paper at hand

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  syrossoul  7 Dec 10 9:09AM Thread Closed

...she'll have the blue rose in her right hand...if its in her left she will recite to you a poem that you DIDNT write..
.. be careful, it could get messy

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  JKWeb  7 Dec 10 9:12AM Thread Closed

> and there is no way i am going to try and write it from recall

you should try to recall it.  it probably won't be the same but something good may come of it.  I did the same thing a while back with one of mine and it came out okay.  good luck!

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  jharrison  7 Dec 10 9:30AM Thread Closed

Yup, agreed. Give it a go, I've done it before too and on recall it's come out far better ;)

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  unknown  7 Dec 10 9:38AM Thread Closed

Reid here.  Glad you have your poem list intact.  
Some people have lost all their work.   Say.

Consolation:  WE all here can help you reconstruct your lost poem

: )

How did it start?   Each PC member can add a line or two.

It was no to my eyes

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Inuki  7 Dec 10 9:54AM Thread Closed

My advice:

Write it on paper. Almost all my poetry is written in a physical hard copy series of notebooks, roughly pocket-sized. I carry one around with me nearly at all times, and then trade it off for the next one. I keep the old ones in a box. I did once lose an entire book that was nearly finished- but I had the majority of the better pieces typed by then.

Write it in Microsoft Word or any other software that automatically backs up copies. If it's not already in hard copy- and even if it is, I write it in Word because it auto-saves copies throughout the process, so if your laptop battery dies, or your computer crashes, etc. it will still be almost completely recoverable.

Notepad and wordpad etc. are not nearly as reliable, and I have lost many many documents in this software before.

Typing directly into the poem box of PC is also not advised. If you sit on that screen typing it for too long, the site may choose to log you out, thereby failing to post the poem. Also, if your internet cuts out for whatever reason during the process of publishing it, it will also be lost forever.

Best to write in hard copy and/or Word or some other auto-saving software... And then back-up to an external harddrive, USB, or CD/DVD or any other reliable place to have multiple copies.

re: FCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  jharrison  7 Dec 10 10:09AM Thread Closed

> but, dude, look what you got to do with the word 'fuck',

Look what he got to do with the word?

Are you that deranged that people need some sort of permission to fuck around with words, or that they don't have the imaginations to do so freely at will and live the non-conformity you so desperately wish you were living?

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