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pagurism  unknown  5 Aug 11 4:27PM Thread Closed


can a mod take a look please. it a copy and paste of another writers work without crediting to the author. the google on the bottom is supposed to serve as the credit. a poem was also written which used lorca's work but has now been removed. harrison says it was obvious to her and witt whoever replied as though it was the poster work.
anyone quoting the poster would credit the poster with the work. which makes it plagiarism, at no point in the post does the poester state or refer the reader to the fact that this is someone elses work.

re: pagurism  billy423uk  5 Aug 11 4:36PM Thread Closed

plagiarism, sorry. i'm rushing.  

re: pagurism  billy423uk  5 Aug 11 4:40PM Thread Closed

pils :)

re: pagurism  jharrison  5 Aug 11 4:42PM Thread Closed

lucky you!

re: pagurism  AlchemiA  5 Aug 11 4:59PM Thread Closed


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