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ball and chain  raskolniikov  10 Sep 11 2:54PM Thread Closed

yes, i am shamelessly promoting my website and business :-)


i am also seeking criticism on its content and look; offering a 10 percent payment to anyone who recommends a couple who hire my services and also giving a big thank you to 'ghost' for pointing me in the right direction with regards to web design.

your comments and suggestion would be most appreciated


re: ball and chain  jharrison  10 Sep 11 3:02PM Thread Closed

will be absolutely sure to have a good nose around, rask :)

re: ball and chain  Isabelle5  11 Sep 11 8:41AM Thread Closed

Beautiful work, Rask!  Wish I knew someone in England to direct to you. Great name, Pinhole Photography.

re: ball and chain  sybarite  11 Sep 11 9:38AM Thread Closed

First--absolutely stunning photography Rask.  I felt that you really captured each couples 'personality' extraordinarily well, which to me, is the mark of an excellent photographer.  There is nothing cookie-cutter in your work.

I particularly loved the photo of the two little girls peeking through the windows of the door and think you should use that as the home page photo as the concept fits so well with the name you have chosen for the site.

The site itself is lovely, easy to navigate, and lacks the typical 'clutter' of most business websites.  It showcases your photography beautifully.  I do think you should add your last name to the 'about' page for an added touch of professionalism.

re: ball and chain  jharrison  11 Sep 11 9:42AM Thread Closed

> i hate doing weddings, but i admire a good wedding photographer.
> you've got the moves for a good niche middle-class product,

Ohhh the jealousy and envy just ooze out of you, Mike ... you failure at everything

OH WAIT! .. but you ARE the greatest poet of your generation because a few people younger than you say you are.


re: ball and chain  unknown  11 Sep 11 9:51AM Thread Closed

^Don't destroy this thread with your pithy problems with others. This is not you and Bauer.

re: ball and chain  jharrison  11 Sep 11 9:53AM Thread Closed

> why'n't you let rask respond.

Why don't you stop telling people what to do on this site?

I can respond as much as I like when I like. You have no choice in the matter, you provincial troll nobody :)

and ewww ... your cheesy 'why'n't' was REALLY cheesy...

re: ball and chain  jharrison  11 Sep 11 9:54AM Thread Closed

> there's some professional talk in my
> comment.

No there is not. You're no professional. Your envy abnd jealousy is all you are ... it oooooozes ... it oooooozes ...

re: ball and chain  jharrison  11 Sep 11 9:57AM Thread Closed

> why'n't

EWWWWW cheesy! why'n't you no speako proppaly?

re: ball and chain  jharrison  11 Sep 11 9:58AM Thread Closed

> i'm pretty disappointed

I'm sure rask has taken that into account and completely ignored you :)

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