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y u mad tho?  aliar  3 Oct 11 9:47AM Thread Closed

haha, I came to this site mad back in 2004. I was just a baby. I've left and come back so many different times. Every time I came back, I tried a new way to relate to people. I told myself I wasn't going to say anything overly negative about people's poetry, that I was only going to comment on people's writing that I liked. And be positive.

Now, I admit that my presence is more well-received. But there are still people that are bothered by me. Why?

Bauer, who cares about him. I think that's just his way of communication. His personality disorder. Who are all of these angry unknowns. Who is aur?

If I'm so bad at writing, then why are you wasting your time viewing my writing?

Like I said, how can we even decide who is talented and who isn't? Do all of you want to have a writing contest? haha. Is that even possible?

I've done nothing to threaten anyone. So stop being offended. If you want to stay in your own bubble and be happy, then do it. Just stay out of mine. And if I meet you in someone else's poem or on my poem when you are being a dick I am going to tell you that you are being a dick or that you are wrong.

Thanks. :)

re: y u mad tho?  sybarite  3 Oct 11 10:24AM Thread Closed


I see PC as a microcosm of any social group.  There's always going to be folks who like you and folks who don't and sometimes you just never get to know why someone doesn't like you.  

re: y u mad tho?  sybarite  3 Oct 11 10:25AM Thread Closed

My mom taught me that at the very least, we can always be polite, even when we don't like someone.  I try (don't always succeed, mind you) but do try to include it in the rules I live by.  

re: y u mad tho?  aurelius  3 Oct 11 2:19PM Thread Closed

I don't know what you mean by "Who is aur", exactly.  Maybe you mean to imply that I'm nobody?  That's fine, I guess.  I've been here since '06, off and on.
I object to being lumped together in the same category as the angry unknowns.  You don't offend me.  I made one fussy comment when you tried to classify yourself as not being an artist, in an effort to excuse yourself from the punishment of scornful critique.  I thought that was silly, that's all.
I've been commenting on your work because I keep seeing your name, and I wish to have a discourse with people who are actually active on pc.  I like the subject matter of most of your pieces, but I think you lack flair and visual style.  I'm trying to encourage you to dig deeper, though I'm not doing a very good job of it, apparently.
Instead of considering my opinion and evaluating the piece in question, you're getting butt hurt about people's reactions toward you in general.
Shouldn't you be flattered you're getting feedback at all?  

re: y u mad tho?  starr  3 Oct 11 3:50PM Thread Closed

I've been here since 2005 and don't generally have issues with anyone unless they're blatantly rude or anonymously rude (I call these entities "general miscellaneous societal waste matter aka "shitbags.")  And really, who cares about them ANYWAY?  I don't sleep with 'em, don't cook dinner for 'em, don't share space with 'em and don't even KNOW 'em.  Chances are, they live very uneventful, miserable lives anyway.  Those whom I DO know and love, exchange personal emails with me OFFsite and I'm happy about DATT!  ;-)

re: y u mad tho?  Isabelle5  3 Oct 11 5:05PM Thread Closed

That is a good question and we have no answers, except that you can think of PC as a slice of real life, with all the good, the bad, the ugly, the helpers, the healers, the spoilers, the hit and runs.  If you can rise above it (easier to say than to do, as I well know) and avoid getting yourself caught up in trying to deliver the best last word, consider yourself a good working member here.

We all decide who has talent and who doesn't, which is extremely subjective and can vary depending on the position of the moon!  You think I'm kidding but if you watch the calendar, you find that it's odd that when the moon is full, some people tend to go a little nuts.

Try not to take yourself and the poetry too, too seriously.  We can all slip into that bit of protecting our poems like babies, which even babies do not like.


re: y u mad tho?  jharrison  3 Oct 11 6:09PM Thread Closed

I am a child of the Moon .. forever waxing and waning .. the New moon is always a cleansing, re-energising time ... whereas the Full moon is the release of all the waxen energy .. and yes, it does go a bit nuts on the releasing ... sometimes! :)

re: y u mad tho?  aliar  3 Oct 11 6:23PM Thread Closed

You never said anything except one of my pieces "sounded like a tweet." heh. You act like you gave me some in depth ideas and I said that my writing was perfect. I didn't.

I said the art thing not to do with being critiqued but just because I'm sick of people who are trying to define what is art and what isn't. As you are seemingly doing right now. Because you believe I need to change something about how I write.

Not a word needs to be placed somewhere else, but you are saying, "You are writing the wrong way." And that's bullshit. Very narrow minded.

And as I said, I will admit to the majority of my writing being something I wrote off the top of my head just sitting around watching TV or on the toilet. So what? It is what it is.

re: y u mad tho?  aliar  3 Oct 11 6:38PM Thread Closed

In fact Aur, if you want to discuss poetry for real post your e-mail. lol. I'm calling your bluff because I think you are just trying to sound pretentious.

re: y u mad tho?  aurelius  3 Oct 11 11:02PM Thread Closed

"You act like you gave me some in depth ideas and I said that my writing was perfect. I didn't."

But soon thereafter:

"Not a word needs to be placed somewhere else"

Hehehehehe.  You're funny.

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