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Onkl  Isabelle5  15 Apr 12 8:16AM Thread Closed

Go to his website to see the twins.  They are adorable and he has a smile that is in danger of cracking his face!

re: Onkl  jenn  15 Apr 12 9:57AM Thread Closed

Happy news! Congratz!

re: Onkl  mandolyn  16 Apr 12 8:31AM Thread Closed

aw, aren't they sweet. congrats!!

re: Onkl  jenn  16 Apr 12 4:25PM Thread Closed

all babies look like aliens ...

re: Onkl  fractalcore  27 Apr 12 3:24PM Thread Closed

congrats, man!

    /   \
     : )

re: Onkl  unknown  16 May 12 1:25PM Thread Closed


re: Onkl  unknown  19 May 12 6:36PM Thread Closed

sorry to be an ass and ask in the wrong area, but I see some familiar names and feel like you could help.

Does anyone know if there is a way to recover an old account you don't have the password for? I used InMyBlood here years ago and Id like to get back into it.


re: Onkl  Isabelle5  20 May 12 7:53AM Thread Closed

Try writing to Don Tetto.  Or find him on facebook and send a message.  He's the only one who could help.  

Good luck and welcome back!


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