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Alanis Morissette  cassell  9 Jul 12 3:03PM Thread Closed

Lets start my saying one definite in her Top Ten would be  "Out is Through", any more suggestions, my friends ?

re: Alanis Morissette  starr  9 Jul 12 4:12PM Thread Closed

Even tho it's not really Alanis, I always crack up when I see that parody of her in the laundromat called "Wash Me."  But that aside, I've always liked "Thank You."  I like the melody and the message inside it.  Hope you're WELL, CasSEL!  :-)

re: Alanis Morissette  JKWeb  9 Jul 12 4:40PM Thread Closed

this song's the bomb:


re: Alanis Morissette  PollyReg  9 Jul 12 5:34PM Thread Closed

my favourite - although i havent listened for ages. thx for alanis reminder cassell


re: Alanis Morissette  AlchemiA  9 Jul 12 6:42PM Thread Closed

Thank-you -- says it all and to you too cassell


re: Alanis Morissette  AlchemiA  9 Jul 12 6:44PM Thread Closed

ironic works for me too -- http://goo.gl/EWuyR

re: Alanis Morissette  PollyReg  9 Jul 12 9:18PM Thread Closed

speaking of alanis...

i had an all night marathon with this song when my first husband got remarried a little while ago

even though i was already remarried. sort of a respect. or something.... lol... maybe a re-affirming of myself.


i just love alanis!!!!!!

re: Alanis Morissette  fractalcore  9 Jul 12 9:35PM Thread Closed

everything in 'jagged little pill', though i no longer have that
cassette tape -- a friend 'forgot' to return it to me and it's been


re: Alanis Morissette  Inuki  9 Jul 12 10:31PM Thread Closed

This article nicely summarizes my thoughts about Alanis' "Ironic"


re: Alanis Morissette  ElsieTime  9 Jul 12 10:57PM Thread Closed

"Its like rain on your wedding day"

maybe irony is "thinking" its going to rain - setting up tarps ect and including wet weather protection in part of the overall wedding plans (a part of)

and, also, understanding, all the time, what rain actually signifies.

----- and then it doesn't rain. on the wedding day.

the person being ironic would be the setter upper of the tarps - given what "weddings" actually signify.


inuki, is that the story? And if it is then please explain it better than I can cos fucked if i know what irony means.

irony isnt sarcasm, either. i think the only people that truely understand it, in a literary sense, is the brits

and maybe because they base their humour around it.

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