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re: The Olympic Opening Ceremony  unknown  29 Jul 12 12:13PM Thread Closed

> An infinitely superior tall person like myself has no need of
> sponsors. I would have thought from the crick you keep getting in your
> neck from looking upwards you would have realised that. Maybe an
> "intellect" problem?

No need to be shy about your CV, unless of course you're concealing a chequered history, something the tabloids might pounce on for breakfast.
Hmm, I wonder if your follicles are still intact, regrettably, a bald eagle would be no good at all for the role we have in mind.

re: The Olympic Opening Ceremony  unknown  29 Jul 12 11:25PM Thread Closed

You are starting to sound like one of those unimaginative journalists who make a living out of the tat that also fills their noxious days, standing round in public houses with other "things" that have just come out of unmentionable places.You'd be better off with the corporates for sponsorship, they have the same whiff about them of thinking money is all and 3rd rate celebs off the Z list accompanied by tarts who think they can sing because they won The X Factor, are the Godesses of their tawdry existence. Your tartan hair piece is looking a trifle like a Glasgow street after you've walked down it...has the word brush and all that goes with it entered your experience or is it just that after one look your mother swept you under the carpet.

re: The Olympic Opening Ceremony  unknown  30 Jul 12 12:00AM Thread Closed

Hello Mor, still on the pies then.

re: The Olympic Opening Ceremony  unknown  30 Jul 12 11:21AM Thread Closed

pie eyed mor like

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