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canadians?  SweetPain  30 Oct 12 2:35PM Thread Closed

are you there?

re: canadians?  jenakajoffer  30 Oct 12 5:29PM Thread Closed

Yup :)

re: canadians?  sybarite  31 Oct 12 7:52AM Thread Closed


*waves at Jen*  :D

re: canadians?  raskolniikov  31 Oct 12 11:09AM Thread Closed


re: canadians?  jenakajoffer  31 Oct 12 12:05PM Thread Closed

where's your halloween poem, sybarella? :)

> Ditto
> *waves at Jen*  :D

re: canadians?  starr  31 Oct 12 3:19PM Thread Closed

I'm one state away!  Does THAT count?  Hehe.  Hi, guyz!  xo!

re: canadians?  unknown  2 Nov 12 1:21AM Thread Closed

This post has been suspended by a moderator.

re: canadians?  plath  2 Nov 12 3:46PM Thread Closed

Not YET, dear.  

re: canadians?  Haxxen  2 Nov 12 6:03PM Thread Closed

Torontonian here.  where are all ye fellow Canadians from?

> are you there?

re: canadians?  Haxxen  2 Nov 12 6:07PM Thread Closed

And BTW Raskolniikov, any self respecting Canadian would shudder at the mere thought.  That's kind of like saying Bulgarians=Russians.  Canadians are Americans, but I imagine you meant American like the U.S.A.  If so, Canadians are definitely not like "americans".... Not that there's anything wrong with that....

> canadians=americans.

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