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re: canadians?  OldShoe  4 Nov 12 9:51PM Thread Closed

Please, to help me with my rucksack?

re: canadians?  Haxxen  5 Nov 12 12:16PM Thread Closed

It's a shame that so many poets are so neurotic.  but as I mentioned in a post back in 2009, one cannot be surprised.  angry male poets have penis issues.  angry female poets have angry daddy issues.  still, the art is beautiful.  how can I discount your misfortune?  Keep on dancing puppets.  you amuse me.

re: canadians?  starr  5 Nov 12 1:08PM Thread Closed

^ LOL @ Haxxen!  I got a HAPPY weenie!  :-)

re: canadians?  sybarite  5 Nov 12 9:44PM Thread Closed

has no daddy issues!  :)  My dad is the greatest!  

Love 'How can I discount your misfortune'--lovely and tragic line...

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