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the great deception ~ perfection  jason  6 Mar 13 8:28AM Thread Closed

This idea of 'Perfection' that we all hang on to is the cause of immeasurable sorrow and sadness in this world. As we attempt to try and see those around us as 'perfect' we buy into this great deception and fill our loving hearts with pain and heartache.

To most, perfection it is an ideal. Be it a painting, a human face, your lover's body, your relationship with your husband/wife etc that is beyond defect and cannot be faulted. If anyone of these are blemished in anyway, than how can we call them perfect? If something is perfect then it has no defects. It is flawless. If there is a flaw in something then it cannot be perfect.

So let me ask you, what is imperfection?

To the majority of us, it is the opposite of the image / ideal in our heads about what we think is perfect.

But is it?

As a poet analysing my strong connections with emotions and people i have loved I have learned that the idea of a perfect relationship is where both partners love each other unconditionally, where there is a deep friendship that connects them, an understanding on a higher level that cannot be seen by outsiders. a sexual attraction that is both animistic and also spiritually pure.

But, these are my ideas of a perfect relationship. To someone else, they will be different. So does that mean that their perfection is imperfect as it does not fit my criteria, and vice versa.

No it doesn't. So in equation, perfection is not an absolute. Perfection fluctuates and changes from soul to soul and season to season. What is imperfect to you, will be perfect to somebody else.

So the next time you think that your relationship is not as strong as your best friends or the person you once loved is not as pretty as they once were or they have grown older. They are still perfect. Remove the image in your head of what is perfect as the judgements that you are making are nothing more than great lies based on what you have been taught through years of manipulation from television, magazines, society, religion, education and your own ego.

We are all imperfect, which in turn makes us all perfect. For in reality there is no great idea of 'imperfection', it is only a state that has been falsely imprisoned in your mind.

It is your own ego that causes imperfection to lie within your mind and it is this, that causes you great sorrow and suffering.

We are all perfect in this moment. Within us all, is the perfection within the imperfection.

re: the great deception ~ perfection  jenn  6 Mar 13 10:53AM Thread Closed

Perfection is the same amorphous thing as "truth". It is only in variety of form and function that anything close to perfection is found.

It is one of the few absolutes in the universe. Change, contradiction and that there are no absolutes.

Perfection is a contradiction in term and being, because everything starts as "perfect" without any interference from a human objective/subjective aesthetic, yet there is no interpretation of "perfection" without a human objective/subjective aesthetic.

The human objective/subjective aesthetic disseminates interpretation of "perfection" depending on endless cultural, environmental, emotional, psychological, philosophical points of view, and so states nothing is perfect and everything is perfect.

Remove this human objective/subjective aesthetic completely from the universe and nothing would change about the colour of a flower, the shape of a feather, the arrangment of stars in a galaxy.

Nothing would change .. except this human objective/subjective interpretation of aesthetic would not exist.

The aesthetic of "perfection" is just as random and chaotic as any other part of the self organising system known as the "universe".

re: the great deception ~ perfection  unknown  6 Mar 13 11:04AM Thread Closed

Perfection is a perceived state of mind until it is countered by fact.

Jenn, as we all know is perfectly horrible, when in fact  viewed in a different light she could be just plain horrible.

re: the great deception ~ perfection  unknown  6 Mar 13 11:14AM Thread Closed

mor the stupid ugly slug slimes out from under his stone

re: the great deception ~ perfection  unknown  6 Mar 13 11:25AM Thread Closed

> Perfection is a perceived state of mind until it is countered by fact.

a perfect example of how stupid thinks.

re: the great deception ~ perfection  unknown  6 Mar 13 11:35AM Thread Closed

What about a flawless diamond? Is that not perfection?

re: the great deception ~ perfection  unknown  6 Mar 13 11:36AM Thread Closed

or a Sunset?

re: the great deception ~ perfection  unknown  6 Mar 13 11:41AM Thread Closed


re: the great deception ~ perfection  jason  6 Mar 13 11:42AM Thread Closed

yes it is me, but there is no more rask anymore. it is only me now. i have resolved some issues in my life that were preventing me from being me. i am now single and free to be me after a very very long time. this is a new beginning in many ways.

re: the great deception ~ perfection  starr  6 Mar 13 11:44AM Thread Closed

^ You GO, boy!  I'm proud of u!  Resolutions aren't always easy, but we are all works in progress, myself included.  C-ya, Jason!  :-)

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