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well :P  jenn  10 Mar 13 3:02PM Thread Closed

"Since we have much more important things to do than play cat and mouse with someone who has obvious psychological issues, we shall simply just close ALL the threads.  This way we win as usual.  :)"

Well, perhaps .. but if you include mors sole purpose is to shut down threads to make PC redundant as a Poetry site with a living community - mostly because his intense ire at not being lauded the super god poet he imagines himself to be - then, you could say mor wins.

Though I sympathise with you completely with trying to shut down mors endless inert and worthless nonsense..  just don't play his game ;)

re: well :P  jenn  10 Mar 13 3:05PM Thread Closed

What makes mor froth at the mouth more than anything is having all of his comments removed, whilst others - including those that insult him directly - are left there.

I know you don't have the time and energy to deal with the idiotic mor, but again .. don't let him dictate the experience of this forum for all of us :)

re: well :P  plath  10 Mar 13 3:10PM Thread Closed

Point taken.  Thank you.  We have just repopened the last two threads.  We shall indeed continue to delete this Mor-person's seemingly ongoing blatant bollocks as we enjoy froth as well.   :)

re: well :P  jenn  10 Mar 13 3:14PM Thread Closed

It's a bad case of us just having to shrug a bit because one of the kids - who we are not alllowed to slap anymore (!!!) - is being a snot-nosed little wanker and trying to spoil the party for all ;)

re: well :P  plath  10 Mar 13 3:15PM Thread Closed

Indeed.  He shall continue to get lots and lots of typing practise.  Thanks again.  :)

re: well :P  plath  12 Mar 13 11:27AM Thread Closed

We're sorry.  You simply do not type fast enough and your post has been deleted.  More typing practise?  :)

re: well :P  unknown  16 Mar 13 2:01PM Thread Closed

this the best you cam do, mor? what a waste of time and energy.

re: well :P  unknown  16 Mar 13 2:53PM Thread Closed

that the best you can do mor? what a stupid smelly gyppo you are.

re: well :P  unknown  16 Mar 13 3:58PM Thread Closed

> says jenn the arse sniffer

can't you do better than this insult, mor?
surely even a retarded idiot gyppo like you can put some effort into it.

arse sniffer? really? that's the best you can do. really?

re: well :P  plath  17 Mar 13 8:00AM Thread Closed

We're sorry.  You simply do not type fast enough and your post has been deleted.  More typing practise?  :)

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