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Love it!  starr  20 Mar 13 1:57PM Thread Closed

I just looked up Mor on the site and he doesn't even have an account which means he can only leech off an open thread on the message board.  Fuckin' MAGGOT!  Don't nobody feed him and if the mods delete me, I'm cool with it.  I know you're only doin' your job and personally, I don't know HOW u do it somedays.  :-)

re: Love it!  starr  20 Mar 13 2:00PM Thread Closed

He's powerless when the mods shut down the threads.  Shitbag that he is.  Shows how little of a life he has trolling a dead poetry site's message board.  Hope u read this, asshole.  :-)

re: Love it!  plath  20 Mar 13 2:00PM Thread Closed

Thank you, Starr.  We are very much aware of this and appreciate your loyalty to the site.  :)

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