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re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 12:09PM Thread Closed

An obvious Mor(on.)  Poor Thomas Shaw.  Boo Hoo HOOOO!  :-(

re: my photography  unknown  27 Mar 13 12:10PM Thread Closed

> I have never posted poetry on PC.

You're a liar, Mor, you have posted lots of your crap in the forum.

And, if you you don't post poetry here, why are you here? Oh yes, just to show us what a cunt you are ... job done, I think.

re: my photography  unknown  27 Mar 13 12:11PM Thread Closed

> and you are an internet arsehole protected by plath

and you, Mor, are just an internet arsehole.

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 12:16PM Thread Closed

He was probably one of those kids who delighted in making prank phonecalls TOO.  Such a pity when parents create monsters who turn out to be "old" monsters later in life.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:15PM Thread Closed

You're here at the invitation of Donald Tetto?  DREAM ON.  You're another Bauer who thinks he's got the Pauer, but you don't.  You're a cyberstalker and a cyberbully and someone oughtta bust your fingers so you can't type anymore.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:26PM Thread Closed

I look at it every day and thank them for having produced someone with class, manners, morals, values and who isn't a shit bag like YOU are.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:31PM Thread Closed

See again starr thinks that he is someone of importance when he is nothing more than another little gob shite threatening violence when he does not get his own way.
Typical gutter trash mentality.

LOL!  I'm not threatening anyone.  I'm merely suggesting that someone bust your fingers so you can't type anymore.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:38PM Thread Closed

You remind me soooo much of the bullies in the schoolyard.  They all ended up on welfare with children and no mother for them and that's where YOU are.  No wifey.  Wifey doesn't like Tommy Shaw.  He's too much of an arrogrant drunk for her.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:40PM Thread Closed

I understand that you threatened violence to Mor once, just as well that he never caught up with you, week old road kill would have been in a better state  than you if he had.

^  You need to learn how to read. asshole.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:49PM Thread Closed

...and if they only KNEW that their father, grandfather and great grandfather derived enjoyment in being a cybertroll, I am fully sure they would be astonished and disappointed.  For a father, grandfather and great grandfather, it's shameful and pathetic.  Hopefully they don't turn out like their father, grandfather and great grandfather.  Or maybe it's too late.  :-)

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