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re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:51PM Thread Closed

Yes,I remember that you distinctly threatened Mor, as you are extremely prone to  do with others whenever you do not get your own way.

Nope.  Just YOU.  U provoked that response and u refuse to admit it.  Next time, treat people u dont know with respect and they won't threaten you, WILL they?  Teach THAT to your children, grandchildren and GREAT grandchildren.  :-)

re: my photography  starr  27 Mar 13 1:59PM Thread Closed

How would you know?  You don't my children and you don't know me.  But I know about u just by what you post here on a daily basis when there's an open thread that your slimy tentacles can latch onto.  Sounds obsessive to ME.  And more distrubing and that you enjoy it.  It's a psychosis.  Your kids need to know that their father is an angry, bitter and hateful man.  You also deserve everything you get here from others.  You're an asshole.  :-)

re: my photography  plath  27 Mar 13 2:01PM Thread Closed

Please enjoy Raskolniikov's wonderful photography as we close this thread to thwart the resident troll from further destroying this thread.  He has no power when there is no thread for him to latch onto as Starr has pointed out.  :)

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