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re: Georgian poets  unknown  1 Apr 13 11:19AM Thread Closed

Remember the time when poets were jewels
and trolls were but imaginings, bullocks
beneath a bridge, where living water pools
then murmurs as it spills across the rocks.

Now via internet the would-be cock,
poor capon searching for a roost to rule,
crows dissonance to disinterested flocks,
ruffling feathers with impotent woo.

It’s not a cur that menaces our block,
pink spittle flying from his lathered flews,
but just a small man too withered to walk,
convinced that those who still feel are just fools.

This watcher of an unrelenting clock
types on, abandoned by the poets’ muse.
Sans any music of his own, he mocks,
content to find a better to abuse.

Remember the time when poetry was written by real poets, now because of the internet we have suffer total rubbish like this written by someone who does not have clue about poetry. How sad.

re: Georgian poets  unknown  1 Apr 13 11:27AM Thread Closed

Total rubbish. Now there is an inciteful crit. Don't look now, Mor, but you just verified the author's point.

re: Georgian poets  unknown  1 Apr 13 12:34PM Thread Closed

> Remember the time when poetry was written by real poets

Yeh, shame you can't write poetry, though. But it's not like anyone will remember you after you're dead and gone, is it?

re: Georgian poets  unknown  1 Apr 13 12:35PM Thread Closed

all this "im not mor" is obvious bollocks.

only mor writes such tortured lines of trash and dares to call it poetry.

re: Georgian poets  plath  1 Apr 13 1:50PM Thread Closed

Lovely to witness the latest soap opera here on Poetry Critical and lovlier even to close it and bid the both of you good riddance.  It seems like two people here need to get lives.  How a thread on Georgian poets turned to such disgrace is shameful.  Apologies to the thread starter for having to endure this childishness.  

re: Georgian poets  plath  1 Apr 13 2:27PM Thread Closed

We shall leave this thread visible in the event that the site owner may appear and can see for himself the bollocks that happen on HIS SITE in his absence.  It will be an awkening for him, no doubt.  It is absolutely horrific and pathetic and sets no example whatsoever for the YOUNGER aspiring writers who come here.  Be proud of yourselves.  

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