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re: ding dong!  jenn  9 Apr 13 2:24PM Thread Closed

> Same with ME.  I don't know enough to concur with the bad.   I always
> was under the belief that she was one of the "good guys," Isabelle.
> ;-)

She was only one of the "good guys" because she sided with Regan and others helping in the demise of Communism .. which considering what Soviet Communism actually is no bad thing.

Americans rightly "love" Thatcher because of the support and political aid she gave to Regan, and the "special relationship" we apparently have was made stronger for it.
But, they were cut from the same Conservative cloth, which until Thatcher came along, was a very different outfit for us Brits than it was for you Americans :)

For us, the idea of what is the "free-market" was a pretty revolutionary idea, it demanded that many Social ideas such as Welfare and Free Health Care programs were anti-free market and more or less Bolshevik inspired commie propaganda ideologies. Thatcher brought the reality of the "free-market" to the UK with a lot of pain and social demolition.

America has always had a free-market, that is one of your founding principals of what might be called The American Dream - every man can strive to reach for it, but if you don't have the energy or ideas or personal conviction for it then you are simply washed up with all the other flotsam and jetsam.
It's the same free-market ideology as the Victorians had, except these days instead of Servants we have agency "maids" or "house helpers".

I don't think there's anything wrong with a free-market that has some regulation on certain things, such as the Banks, that way exploitation and greed cannot be the driving forces behind wealth creation.

.. and I am a fervent believer in social welfare programs, that all of us invest in through our taxes, to help the poor, to help one another, to help ourselves if the situation comes to it.
Which is why I do say that the British National Health Service, for what it is, is the greatest social program that nay country has ever created for its people.

Thatcher and Regan came from the same Conservative class system. They spoke the same language and lived in the same social realms.
They did good work against the terrible Soviet form of Communism.
But, imagine that Communism wasn't the horrible and dreadful totalitarian regime it was, and it actually has worked - much like it does in Cuba, but Cuba is more Socialist than Communist - what if Communism had actually worked?
What monster would Thatcher and Regan have had to fight against then?

It is only these few things weighed against their other dreadful actions, but domestic and foreign affairs, that history looks back upon them fondly.

To me, Thatcher is the woman who helped facilitate the secret training of Khmer Rouge fighters by British Military personnel.
The Khmer Rouge went on to kill nearly 2 million men women and children in Cambodia.

There are some things which, when put on the scales of history, outweigh all the apparent good and worthy things done elsewhere.

There are some crimes which should never be forgotten.

re: ding dong!  jenn  9 Apr 13 2:54PM Thread Closed

In order to develop this "free market" in the UK Thatcher needed to destroy the Union culture here.

What is a Union? Usually it is a collective of workers linked by profession or industry affiliation that works to maintain a certain standard of condition for the members of that Union.

It means that the factory owners, the Mine owners, the industry "fat cats" can't exploit the workers to the point of wage slavery.

But, the Unions are also powerful political Lobby Groups. They can influence and even promote members within political parties that are affiliated to the Unions.

In the UK both the Liberal Party and the Labour party have strong historical connections to the Unions. The Labour party - Democrats to you Americans ;) - was actually created out of the Union culture in the early part of the 20th Century. I'd need to look up the exact date.

Unions, by their very existence, are Socialist ideological organisations and are an anathema to any Conservative "free-market" thinker, such as Thatcher.

So, Thatcher needed to destroy the Unions, if not destroy them then make them the enemy of progress and innovation, make them the bad guys, and by doing so weaken their hold on the Politic body that influenced the Law making institution of this country - which is Parliament.

Thatcher set about destroying the Mining industry first as it was the industry with the strongest Unions. Then came the Transport Unions, the telecommunications and media Unions, the manufacturing Unions.
Most of which she was able to severely weaken by privatising what was Public owned industries such as telecoms and the railways, and the Oil and Gas industries, and so the Unions were, in the main, excluded from these new "privately owned" shareholder based companies.

Many people lost their jobs and homes and invested communal wealth, and what were once "nationally owned" industries were sold off for pennies to private owners, who were for the most part friends and acquaintances of those same Conservative ministers in Government that sold the industries off in the first place.

The selling off of "nationally" owned industries was seen as one of the biggest scams and economic crimes of all time, but part of the purpose of this was to destroy the hold the Unions had.

The Unions often served their own purposes and restricted growth and innovation, but by destroying them rather than forcing them to evolve, as has happened now, Thatchers government ruined many lives and bought poverty to once flourishing communities.

re: ding dong!  starr  9 Apr 13 3:00PM Thread Closed

Actually, a boulder might work BETTER.  BOOMF!  And make no mistake, I don't follow ANYONE.  I'm a natural born leader and I don't do it anonymously like YOU DO, pussy.  :-)

re: ding dong!  jenn  9 Apr 13 3:10PM Thread Closed

Mor couldnt break a matchstick, starr .. he's nothing but a bigoted racist with an ugly pig face.

Don't sweat it :)

re: ding dong!  jenn  9 Apr 13 3:17PM Thread Closed

Poor little mor, doesn't have a single original thought in his piggy little head.

Your lies about your father only serve as proof of your continuing idiocy on PC.

No one cares about you, mor, or what you have to say :)

re: ding dong!  jenn  9 Apr 13 3:18PM Thread Closed

> You could not lead a troupe of Morris dancers round a maypole.

Is this an insult?

Really, mor?


lol :)

re: ding dong!  unknown  9 Apr 13 3:22PM Thread Closed

the only thing Thomas (tramp by the hedge) Shaws father did that is worthy of note was one night he got some ugly old and stupid hag drunk on meths and got her pregnant.

Thomas (tramp by the hedge) Shaw was the illegitimate spawn of this union.

re: ding dong!  unknown  9 Apr 13 3:22PM Thread Closed

mors mother was a pig shuuurllly??

re: ding dong!  unknown  9 Apr 13 3:24PM Thread Closed

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re: ding dong!  unknown  9 Apr 13 3:32PM Thread Closed

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