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Erasure Poetry of North Korean "News"  UziCafe  9 Apr 13 8:52PM Thread Closed

Howdy. About 2 months ago I began making erasure poetry out of "news" articles from one of North Korea's most prominent "news" websites.

I post these poems every 1-5 days (and will continue to do so, at least as long as the current conflict persists). If you're interested in reading this type of work, feel free to visit UziCafe.Com ......my website has No ads, and I make No money from your visit. Thanks for your time.

re: Erasure Poetry of North Korean  plath  10 Apr 13 11:46AM Thread Closed

Thank you, UziCafe!  We will close this thread so that it does not receive spam and encourage all on Poetry Critical to have a look at your poetry!  :)

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