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Oblivion  raskolniikov  10 Apr 13 4:04PM Thread Closed

Don't waste your money.  Visually it is stunning but what a load of scientologist hocus pocus.

re: Oblivion  jenn  10 Apr 13 4:18PM Thread Closed

Yeh, Cruise has been trying to crowbar in the absurdities of scientology into his movies for a while now - little bits here and there - especially thetan mind cleansing ideas.

Scientology is a cult. No other word for it. But then "cult" is a word I'd apply to any organised "religion".

Mind and body control. That's what its all about.

The day I found out Beck was also a long time scientologist was the day I realised just how nefarious and invasive this cult has become.

I may watch the movie, simply to see the scientology propaganda in it.
I'm not going to pay to watch it, though :)

re: Oblivion  starr  10 Apr 13 4:20PM Thread Closed

Sounds like Salem with all the rip off shops that sell $400.00 crystal balls and spell kits to dumb people who buy into it, Jason.  I remember a "witch" there asking me if I knew how 2 put a spell on someone.  I said "No."  She replied, "You TELL THEM."  LOL!  The power of psychology, huh?  I still miss it there tho sometimes, but I'm better off where I'm planted.  Be well, my brotha.  Love u.  :-)

re: Oblivion  starr  10 Apr 13 4:20PM Thread Closed

AND sista.  :-)

re: Oblivion  jenn  10 Apr 13 4:28PM Thread Closed


re: Oblivion  starr  10 Apr 13 4:30PM Thread Closed

All that organized religion is bullshit.  The true God is within YOU.  Sadly, so is the true Devil.  It's up 2u what holiness or ANTI-holiness one contributes 2 the world.  Scientology, sadly, isn't a very proven vehicle.  

re: Oblivion  jenn  10 Apr 13 4:42PM Thread Closed

The only thing scientology has been any good for is conning people out of very large sums of money and then mentally and emotionally enslaving them to the scientology way.

To call it a "religion" is a big stretch. I'd only call it a religion to be sarcastic.

re: Oblivion  starr  10 Apr 13 4:50PM Thread Closed

Agreed.  :-)  What do u think of the Wicca (outside of Salem?)  I think it's fascinating that people wanna worship Mother Earth, the weather, etc..., but as far people claiming they can use Wiica to move cups and toasters and tables is a bit much for me.  Seems that every-1 in Salem, Massachusetts has the power to do these things.  Idiots.  

re: Oblivion  starr  10 Apr 13 4:50PM Thread Closed

Oops.  I meant "Wicca" up there, not "Wiica."  :-O

re: Oblivion  jenn  10 Apr 13 5:00PM Thread Closed

Well, the "Buffy" version of what's called "wicca" isn't the same thing as the Witchcraft I know. There's some elements in the "sympathetic magic" object related nature of how energy is used which are universal, but of course when commercialism takes over because people are making profit and a living from it .. then it will always be diluted down from the "real thing" :)

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