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re: Playlist:  unknown  8 Oct 13 12:02PM Thread Closed

thanks Cerulise, but that's really not the sort of 'ballad' music I like, not that I would call any of the songs I've posted 'ballads'.

No, I didn't like that song or the music or the voice of the singer. It was too middle of the road, too bland, too AOR.

If you want a taste of the type of female voice I like in music then listen to the link for Azure Rays song Displaced I posted at the top of page 2 in this thread.

That's Maria Taylor and Orenda Fink. Lovely voices both.

re: Playlist:  unknown  8 Oct 13 12:02PM Thread Closed

It's actually a bit of some distorted 3-some trying to make it; very rare, better than some of the other rare things. They also wrote lots of songs based on a light bit of ballad, blues and grunge rolled into a a musical stew-- that would be why she's half hoarse to sing, I'd imagine. Perfect Chaos is a great album I once legitimately got for free at any rate; I like it better than a lot of other adult contemporaries in the same bin that get tossed out, considered Snores Vile by myself.

Anni Piper does it over the top, too; you should like her Chasing Tail album. She does very energetic blues with some lyrics eschewed away from the river blues back in the era, and instead made into something enlightening from her own lyrics. Good stuff if you check it out, too.

re: Playlist:  unknown  8 Oct 13 12:03PM Thread Closed

Musicians truly do have an aesthetic view for another way to enhance one's mind through hearing. That said, there's certainly some kind of 2 dimensions under a couple of frequent bell curves either dipping or rising. If you listen to some metal, and I don't recommend it if you're out of it, I bet you'd find that Gorgoroth who also came from Norway or some other Scandenavia country, sound dark as hell in the music and lyrics, professing silly, ridiculous things in satan; yet despite that, they also have some timing bits in drums and intentionally dischordal parts in sound, made in polished intentions.

Listening to things seems to be based on arching the gap between another's intent and a listener's inflection from listening.

re: Playlist:  unknown  8 Oct 13 12:04PM Thread Closed

I'd have to agree. After all, I downloaded at least a week's worth of Wagner if I went into it intensely, and yet it's impossible to stay close to it in the fast, modern era. So what happens when you pick randomly when you can't speak or read the German language exactly? A lot like metaphorically throwing darts at a spinning globe.

re: Playlist:  unknown  8 Oct 13 12:05PM Thread Closed

Depeche Mode is awesome. If the 90's are your thing, there's a lot of good stuff around my early years. When I was like 4 years old, living in metairie, I walked down the block to listen to grunge and other things with smoking college students down the road from where my parents lived at the time. It was after Hurricane Andrew as far as I can recall, though not during of course.

I find Sisters of Mercy to be good, too; those are considered very much like goth despite that it was based on some European genre in Italy. There are others like it worth getting into like Nosferatu; good stuff.

Believe it or not, The Cold is from this very state and never really got out of being underground or indy. They did this one song that's hard to find called, "Green Slime," and many others that are different than 3 chord city, which is full of great sounds itself as well as easiest to find on youtube since it's old and rare. They are very great for something hard to come by if it's your, you know? The Who coined the same genre in their songs first. It's really out phenomenal pop like this is not mainstream crap.

re: Playlist:  Cerulise  8 Oct 13 12:34PM Thread Closed

Dayum. That whole copy pasta thing reminds me of a song on Rocky Horror Picture Show, yet not the following


Sweet Transvestite

re: Playlist:  unknown  8 Oct 13 12:57PM Thread Closed

I'm sure he'd get more hypnotic elements to drink if he liked to watch in the strip club. After all, no one should dance for him; he'd probably beat her... or him if he's feeling funny and froggy, like many may correctly suspect.

Well, at least that secretly gay thing is not something that wise in the world would mind. But beating and raping is bad; he certainly is no Lott, that roaming member of the beating and anal raping society.

re: Playlist:  jenn  8 Oct 13 5:01PM Thread Closed


I Know




re: Playlist:  starr  8 Oct 13 7:26PM Thread Closed

Just found this one today and it's fuckin' BANGIN'!!!!  v


Enjoy!  :-)

re: Playlist:  Cerulise  8 Oct 13 8:41PM Thread Closed

> Just found this one today and it's fuckin' BANGIN'!!!!  v
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6qbSHKzcmI
> Enjoy!  :-)

Raggy jazz style? Cool. Where'd they come from?

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