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re: Playlist:  starr  9 Oct 13 11:16AM Thread Closed

2 each his/her own.  Y'know, Jenn, I never liked Nina Simone.  People say I'm a hater 4 that, but I just can't get past her offkey singin' and/or timbre.  :-O

re: Playlist:  starr  9 Oct 13 11:30AM Thread Closed

I'm watching the vid now, Jenn and she's really mystifying.  I SHOULD SAY that Tony bought me her "After Hours" CD a couple of Christmasses ago and I actually LIKE it.  I need 2 explore her vast career more so that I can pick what sounds "good" to me.  I struggled to get through her "Single Woman" CD from 1995 with all the sour vocal notes tho.  :-(

re: Playlist:  jenn  9 Oct 13 12:00PM Thread Closed

I wouldn't call you a hater for not liking Nina, starr :)

If it doesn't float your boat.. that's just how it is.

Think she is a 'sour vocal' singer, and perhaps it's that down note feel that sometimes attracts me to her.

re: Playlist:  jenn  9 Oct 13 12:00PM Thread Closed

I think #

re: Playlist:  starr  9 Oct 13 12:09PM Thread Closed

Yeah...I hear ya.  Thanks !  I'm on Amazon now sampling her stuff 2c what DOES "float" my boat!  She's got an interesting tone (SOMEtimes.)  Heehee.  :-)

re: Playlist:  jenn  9 Oct 13 12:21PM Thread Closed

'Float your boat' just means whatever gets you going ;)

What ever floats your boat!

re: Playlist:  jenn  9 Oct 13 12:22PM Thread Closed

OHH! sorry - I didn't read what you said properly - the '2c' part slipped past me :)

re: Playlist:  starr  9 Oct 13 12:37PM Thread Closed

Silly WABBIT!  ^^^  :-)

re: Playlist:  starr  9 Oct 13 12:38PM Thread Closed

Trix are for KIDS!  ;-)

re: Playlist:  jenn  9 Oct 13 12:41PM Thread Closed

Haha! My fave line from one of my fave movies, in a fave scene that is a homage to one of my fave actresses of all time :)

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