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re: Playlist:  Cerulise  10 Sep 13 10:27AM Thread Closed

How do you feel about The Dubliners?

re: Playlist:  jenn  10 Sep 13 12:34PM Thread Closed

I like them, yeh, they're good musicians. They have have something of the old Ireland about them, I guess, and I love Irish music generally. :)

re: Playlist:  jenn  10 Sep 13 2:03PM Thread Closed

> What a load of rubbish.

I thought you had no taste in music. It shows :)

re: Playlist:  jenn  10 Sep 13 2:06PM Thread Closed




PJ Harvey

(The John Peel Sessions)


re: Playlist:  Cerulise  10 Sep 13 6:06PM Thread Closed

Did you pick up David Bowie's "The Next Day"? It should have gotten better reviewed; I love that song, "I'd rather be high."

re: Playlist:  jenn  10 Sep 13 7:48PM Thread Closed

No, I've not listened to that yet, though I do like Bowie. Well, bits and pieces he's done.

re: Playlist:  Cerulise  10 Sep 13 9:12PM Thread Closed

My best friend actually said, "I'm Sorry," in a little bit of judgement when I told him, Let's Dance wasn't even that bad. Bowie actually felt bad about it himself, which is saying a lot about one's own artistic style.

re: Playlist:  jenn  11 Sep 13 9:40AM Thread Closed

Most of Bowie's 80's stuff is lamentable, and he knows it. Saying that, there are the tunes which do stand out.

re: Playlist:  jenn  13 Sep 13 9:20AM Thread Closed


Basic Space


The XX


re: Playlist:  unknown  13 Sep 13 1:55PM Thread Closed

> >>
> Basic Space
> by
> The XX
> http://youtu.be/kHZVGqqf3gg

says our P.C. soothsayer who could not play a note to save her worthless life.

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