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RIP Nelson Mandela  jenn  5 Dec 13 4:54PM Thread Closed

His inspiration should never be and will never be forgotten.

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  starr  5 Dec 13 7:16PM Thread Closed

Amen!  The world STARVES FOR leaders like Mandela!  Hi, Jenn!  xo!

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  Cerulise  5 Dec 13 8:13PM Thread Closed

So I saw. After his good works, have things become better or worse? Actions have reactions from others in separate factions, after all, and those out of the giant, militaristic juggernaut are somewhat less forceful.

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  AlchemiA  5 Dec 13 10:31PM Thread Closed

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world" - Nelson Mandela

The man had courage! -- see the French root of courage, 'with heart' -- viva la couer, à la vie ... like Nietzsche painted in his marvellous, 'Thus spoke Zarathustra', we are a 'bridge', a bridge between organic slime to the imperious stars sublime, an interim response toward a loftier goal, a farther further place which only the heart can show -- we are the foam on the sea of reality, where the roiling of Natures longing takes us to the next wave of creation. We are a mutation and a momentary play on this thin organic film of symbiotic life on our inextricably intimately evolving Planet. We are this Planets thoughts and meaning. This Planet longs in swelling waves toward the Stars. From stars we come to stars we shall return, but first through the lowly worm ...

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  AlchemiA  5 Dec 13 10:46PM Thread Closed

the first breath, was a gasp of astonishment, then we looked at each other, as sister and brother...

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  Isabelle5  6 Dec 13 10:47AM Thread Closed

Why is it that the world population is so huge but so few humans stand out for their accomplishments?  I have come to believe that we can all be very important in our small lives, being kind, compassionate and involved.  I will personally never change a nation but I can (and have) changed hearts.

I am not jealous of those who give all they have.  They chose that path and some, like Mr. Mandela. did it with grace, dignity and truth.

Perhaps some are being born today with the same flame in their mouths and in their hearts, to fire another generation into change for the better.

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  HenryII  7 Dec 13 6:00PM Thread Closed

I was truly inspired by Mr. Mandela as well. It inspired me to write a dedication to him. ~Henry

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  unknown  8 Dec 13 3:35PM Thread Closed

I looked at the hooded cobra, what did I see.

re: RIP Nelson Mandela  starr  9 Dec 13 7:18PM Thread Closed

There's nothin' there, but then again, we ARE talkin' 'bout Mor and that about sums it up.  One great big NOTHIN'.  Less than zero even.  Now we're gettin' into integers.  ;-)

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