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Anonymity? Newbie question  kurtosis  12 Nov 14 8:19AM Thread Closed

Okay, this may be gauche to ask but I feel that I have to:

So, is posting your work anonymously (but then admitting authorship in the comments later) the preferred method for this site?

I can imagine that such a practice offers the benefit of a blind review, particularly for those who are well known on the site. Am I correct in my assumption?

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  jenn  12 Nov 14 9:54AM Thread Closed

You can post as you please, really.
There's no fixed rule or expected social norm.
If you wish to post anonymously first then reveal yourself later is entirely up to you.
There is some advantage, as you say, with posting as anonymous and getting a blind review .. but I think most of us do that anyway .. offering a critique before rating which means the poets name is not revealed until the rating.

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  kurtosis  12 Nov 14 10:25AM Thread Closed

Thanks! I didn't realize that about the poets name not revealed until the rating.

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  starr  12 Nov 14 12:46PM Thread Closed

Hey!  Welcome to P.C., kutosis!  Hope u have fun here!  Been here since 2005!  Lots of nice people 2 share with and learn from!  Hit me up anytime!  :-)

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  Ananke  12 Nov 14 12:56PM Thread Closed

Once you get to know people though, you may find you get more response by attaching a name to it. Over the years a stigma has developed regarding "unknowns" because they have used it as a mask to spam or write spiteful comments. So there's kind of a respect when you're willing to put your name to something. Advantages and disadvantages. I have posted stuff as unknown too. It depends on your particular poem, and what you want from posting it.

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  jenn  12 Nov 14 2:11PM Thread Closed

^ Highlighting Ananke's point with an almost genius idiocy :)

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  bettalpha  12 Nov 14 6:06PM Thread Closed

Just be yourself

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  kurtosis  13 Nov 14 7:54AM Thread Closed

Thanks, starr! It's been fun so far!  Funny, but putting stuff out there makes me read the poems here in a different light. Find myself admiring the structure and word play more--and developing a keen sense of envy over the poems that others write. In a good way.  ;)

re: Anonymity? Newbie question  kurtosis  13 Nov 14 12:31PM Thread Closed


re: Anonymity? Newbie question  kurtosis  13 Nov 14 12:39PM Thread Closed

Wow! Didn't realize people were so quick to categorize around here! Making big assumptions based on little data is not a good practice. You might as well be asking if I'm vegetarian or an alcoholic. I'm not so easily categorized, my anonymous friends.

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