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France Joli  cassell  28 Feb 15 4:46AM Thread Closed

Such a good singer. Just discovered her. Love  "Come to me"  

re: France Joli  starr  28 Feb 15 10:06AM Thread Closed

I LOVE France!!!!!  OMG!!!!  I had 2 do a double take when I saw this, cassell!  Her two 80's albums were just remastered for the first time in 30 years on CD ("Attitude" and "Witch of Love.")  I personally don't like 'em, but I DO LIKE her classic Disco stuff ("Come to Me," "The Heart To Break The Heart" and "Gonna Get Over You."  She's amazing!  U got GOOD taste, buddy!  :-)

re: France Joli  cassell  28 Feb 15 10:17AM Thread Closed

Starr. Thanks

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