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My Apologies: to Jen & Jk  Known  1 Feb 16 3:12PM Thread Closed

Hey thanks for the reads and chats. Got some news the night of posting that led me to feel pulling the poem down was the proper thing to do. Didn't want to delete your working with me, my apologies.

re: My Apologies: to Jen & Jk  jenakajoffer  2 Feb 16 11:55AM Thread Closed

So sorry for your loss, Gnomie. I apologize if anything I said may have been insensitive, I really had no idea what you were going through; thought you were messing around.  My heart is heavy for you, sending many blessings and condolences your way.  Write it out. :)

re: My Apologies: to Jen & Jk  Known  2 Feb 16 12:24PM Thread Closed

You have nothing to apologize for jen. You've been super supportive; not insensitive in the slightest. Just wanted to say thanks as well.

re: My Apologies: to Jen & Jk  starr  2 Feb 16 12:48PM Thread Closed

I'm sorry TOO, Known.  I got some of your posts here all twisted and didn't mean to say any cruel/insensitive shit either.  Love to you!  <3

re: My Apologies: to Jen & Jk  PollyReg  2 Feb 16 12:59PM Thread Closed

I only mean my cruel and insensitive shit after it has been pointed out to me that I meant it. LOL (?)

Whatever happened I'm sorry, known, hope things look up for you.

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