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Happy Groundhog Day!  jenakajoffer  2 Feb 16 12:00PM Thread Closed

Wiarton Willie says 6 more weeks of winter in Ontario!  
I'm so sick of that effing woodchuck.

Congrats to Albertans and Nova Scotians for their early spring prediction.  Maybe an early poem will spring from the slush.

re: Happy Groundhog Day!  starr  2 Feb 16 12:47PM Thread Closed

Happy Groundhog Day, Jen!  It's a very unseasonal 43 here today!  We should be WELL BELOW zero this time of year!  I'm LOVIN' it!  Love u!  <3

re: Happy Groundhog Day!  jenakajoffer  2 Feb 16 2:34PM Thread Closed

I know right Starr?? Really mild here as well which is why I'm surprised by the prediction!

stupid woodcock. He is cute though. Happy cycling my friend, xo!

re: Happy Groundhog Day!  starr  3 Feb 16 1:00PM Thread Closed

Thanks!  You TOO, my #1 SHE-dawg!!!  Love u BACK!  <3

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