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Happy Valentine's Day  jenakajoffer  14 Feb 16 8:19AM Thread Closed

May all my loves poetically feel warm and bursting with rapture and affection.

Happy V-Day
From bill and me. Xoxo

re: Happy Valentine's Day  Isabelle5  14 Feb 16 10:00AM Thread Closed

Hi, Jenn and Happy VD to you...hmm, not exactly the sentiments I was after!  I am bursting but it's a disc in my back from packing and carrying boxes of books for my upcoming move to Tacoma WA.

Hope you are happy and peaceful today.


re: Happy Valentine's Day  jenakajoffer  14 Feb 16 10:29AM Thread Closed

Hi Isabelle, what sentiments were you after?! Lol.
I hope your bulging disc settles down and that your move is as easy as it can be.

Happy and peaceful indeed,
sending love and hugs.

re: Happy Valentine's Day  Known  14 Feb 16 11:13AM Thread Closed

I am sadly reminded of the distance between us. Oh how I wish it were not so...

Noses are red,
Pilot's is too,
I am so single
I make it rain.

re: Happy Valentine's Day  jenakajoffer  14 Feb 16 11:56AM Thread Closed

Omg gnomad you're hilarious, that almost made me pee my valentines pants. It's too cold for rain, all singles here get icicles.

re: Happy Valentine's Day  Known  14 Feb 16 12:07PM Thread Closed

When it starts hammering icicles into the earth, I'll celebrate your holiday. Till then color me cynical.

re: Happy Valentine's Day  starr  14 Feb 16 3:07PM Thread Closed

Happy Valentines Day, guys!  <3

re: Happy Valentine's Day  Known  14 Feb 16 4:05PM Thread Closed

Man, Valentine's Day is hard by yourself lol

re: Happy Valentine's Day  cadmium  14 Feb 16 4:07PM Thread Closed

gotta b flexible. also, gotta have a loving heart.

re: Happy Valentine's Day  Known  14 Feb 16 4:24PM Thread Closed

Dude. Stop. I'm dying.

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