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...I guess we're back online?  Known  11 May 16 10:00PM Thread Closed

...what was that?

re: ...I guess we're back online?  bowiegirl  11 May 16 10:28PM Thread Closed

someone forgot to pay their bills? Maybe a credit card on file expired...

re: ...I guess we're back online?  larrylark  12 May 16 12:15AM Thread Closed

I guess some of us have stuff on there that was nowhere else. You could get  into the poems but couldn't log in. I spent three days "transferring" them to my files and it has taught me one thing. Always back up. Good to see everything now seems in good order so i'll go and see how overdone the bacon is, another thing i've neglected but it is a crisp sunny morning here beneath the rainbow of PC..

re: ...I guess we're back online?  cadmium  12 May 16 6:47AM Thread Closed

yew might write in a text program,  then copy&paste?

re: ...I guess we're back online?  larrylark  12 May 16 3:26PM Thread Closed

gosh .....why didn't i think of that

larry typing one handed due to circumstances beyond his control lark

re: ...I guess we're back online?  Isabelle5  12 May 16 6:20PM Thread Closed

We might be back partially.  I just did my usual write a poem in the poem space, hit submit and it all disappeared !  Wah!  I tried a test poem, it won't submit.  I was logged in, it's just not taking it.

re: ...I guess we're back online?  larrylark  13 May 16 1:08AM Thread Closed

If its any consolation Isabelle everything is working fine over this side of the pond....maybe its all to do with waves

Larry waving while drowning Lark

Online  PollyReg  14 May 16 3:27AM Thread Closed

Everything works fine here...Probably do us all well to remember we could go partially offline at anytime though and whatever we write could be potentially stuck with us forever....

Or not! LOL.

Hey Bitches. Hope y'all well xo

re: Online  mr_e  24 May 16 4:20PM Thread Closed

this was a good wakeup call to all to keep coming back every now and then lol

re: Online  PollyReg  25 May 16 2:32AM Thread Closed

^ for the scintillating and diverse discussion? :-)

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