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re: total compassion  percocet  5 Aug 16 11:34PM Thread Closed

ever heard of Tao? Sun Tzu is no fool.  catholisism?...shit, rifles and religion...Elizer Wiezel? What does it feel like?  to have your dad as dead weight?  while kingslayers reign---infinity isn't a symbol... Who the fuck are you?

re: total compassion  cadmium  5 Aug 16 11:57PM Thread Closed

i wonder if you have. maybe you've kind of glanced at it, but it should be used as a method for enlightenment in a situation, not an arty idealization of some abstract something out of nothing. that's the virtue of that kind of thinking -- that it's practical. my practicality is that i would die for you, but if i have to talk with you here about the process and reality of poetry writing, i want you to think about what you say, not just think you're saying true things because 'poetry can't be explained'. if it can't, then why call your stuff poetry and post it in an advanced poetry workshop like this?

to reply "what" the fuck are you? donald trump's guru?

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