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re: SHOT OUT  unknown  12 Aug 16 9:02AM Thread Closed

> self centered and insecure kids don't want to be 'influenced' by
> other people's work.

This is utter snobbery on your part.
There are no 'rules' nor are there fixed pathways for everyone to act and behave in the same way to create art.
You are not an artist nor very much of poet so you wouldn't understand this.

re: SHOT OUT  cadmium  12 Aug 16 11:24AM Thread Closed

i'm remembering from when i was a kid.

re: SHOT OUT  unknown  12 Aug 16 2:38PM Thread Closed

as adults, we can learn from the mistakes of our childhood or perhaps unlearn those mistakes.

re: SHOT OUT  cadmium  12 Aug 16 3:57PM Thread Closed

I don't think so. what we did then was noble. we can't be in two places at once (quantum is just the whole) and can't know what we did except in token memory. but, suppose you trip or have an event which drops yo back into the memory set -- as in a dream, you feel it's real. and, suppose you were color blind and ran a light... would your internal view be in full spectrum? ou, suppose your Chinese friend blurted in mandarin to stop. and, you didn't know mandarin,  thought he was talking about some dude walking by. so, your modern now knows mandarin and in the time vision you safely stop.what ca you learn from the past? you already knew to stop at lights, to pay attention. it may be that you were supposed to crash.

you're supposed to be here.

re: SHOT OUT  cadmium  12 Aug 16 6:09PM Thread Closed

"kid" ends at 35.

re: SHOT OUT  unknown  13 Aug 16 5:04AM Thread Closed

> "kid" ends at 35.

Are you kidding?

re: SHOT OUT  unknown  13 Aug 16 6:57AM Thread Closed

> I don't think so.

No, you wouldn't, would you.
It's obvious you want to appear as the contratrian in all things and simply argue for the sake of it which does nothing other than defeat its own purpose.
You achieve nothing and reach no one.

This post has been suspended by a moderator.

This post has been suspended by a moderator.

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