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age and function  cadmium  15 Aug 16 3:25PM Thread Closed

i'm 70, and i just found out by accident that all these candidates are about my age too. that's creepy, cause i don't think over-70's should even have a driver's license. maybe supreme court or chairman of the board, on that level, but not the executive -- you have to think too fast, be too alert.

so, here, someone like the bird of paradise keeps saying i'm too old to critique her special realty, and she ageist's on me, saying that i'm frustrated cause i 'can't get it up', and that, wow, i'm just too out of it to even read poetry anymore that's not, well, plein-aire poetry'. personally, i don't think people consciously make poetry until they're over 50. and, then only sometimes. the younger work is just show-off and hoping to get some sugar daddy to like them and take them home.

young people who are totally good-thinkers and nice and sensitive and feminist and anti-racist get a free pass on old people. it's cause their brains aren't completely formed yet and they don't have the coordination to make words go with concepts.

re: age and function  unknown  15 Aug 16 3:56PM Thread Closed

Intellection heeds no barriers until one is dead, senility is the curse of creation.
Some minds are old at fifty, others are still young at ninety.

re: age and function  cadmium  15 Aug 16 4:03PM Thread Closed

how about, intellectual is an attitude, not a current. what you do is what you are. if you make poetry, and whatever your poetry is at whatever age is YOUR poetry and your idea of poetry, and no one can say otherwise. if you make poetry you're a poet and you don't have to explain or apologize to anyone. just watch who you show your stuff to, and don't expect miracles from retards.

senility happens every single time with think about something and then our brain just gets tired of the iteration and just stops, and we don't get that, thinking that we've come to some decision. we think we've figured something out, but really we've just come to the end of our ability.

that's why making art is so cool -- it stays there and is back at you, no matter what you might think the next day.

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