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freaky and fun  PollyReg  24 Aug 16 9:46PM Thread Closed

Okay, I have found a fun 'writing' game for anybody who is interested in freaky shit. Its a bit of a follow on from the 'listing' conversation I was having with Cad. About just writing whatever comes into your mind.

Here's the URL:
http://www.psychic-experiences.com/psychic-tests/remote-viewing-p icture.php

Its funny because it is on a 'test your psychic ability' site and I don't know if its a wrought or not, part of me thinks it must be....but I did check it, with a few different sessions and it seems to be legit.

Basically you write down notes, not knowing what the picture is, and then you press the target button and they show you the picture.

This is the best one I did:

Notes: Severed. Tactical and sensitive. This is no more mine then yours and it belongs to countries so far. Societal blastocyst. About to happen, about to occur. It shines on our hair and our feet and it is not the sun no. Clueless body, rectangular brick layer you are putting poor hands in a poor pocket and no clue as to your body.

Target: Egg

I did a few that weren't 'as' freaky but still freakin' funny. One about a snail.

If you like symbolism and mystery shit...its a lot of fun.  Its also a good way to see how different contexts can be applied to writing. All round wortth it if anybody wants to have a look.

re: freaky and fun  PollyReg  24 Aug 16 9:47PM Thread Closed

the link broke but i'm sure you guys can fix it enough to have a look at the site.

re: freaky and fun  PollyReg  24 Aug 16 10:09PM Thread Closed

* I don't know if its a rort. not "a wrought". aussie slang, sorry peepzies.

re: freaky and fun  PollyReg  24 Aug 16 10:20PM Thread Closed

Yes, well I thought of that - which is why I closed it several times and wrote the same thing...and got different pictures. For that egg one, the second time around I got a picture of a Band-Aid.

re: freaky and fun  PollyReg  25 Aug 16 2:26PM Thread Closed

Yes it was fun. Pleasing. We should all post our poetry into it before posting it here. Give ourselves some new associations :-) Then when the site owner went back and checked the log he/she would be confounded, "why are people posting poems into this? how bizarre"  

re: freaky and fun  PollyReg  25 Aug 16 2:29PM Thread Closed

And if we could answer him we'd be all like, "yeah, well, hmmm. the feedback at poetry critical has died of some. plus, polly made us do it. blame her."

re: freaky and fun  PollyReg  25 Aug 16 2:37PM Thread Closed


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