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other sites  kripto  5 Sep 16 10:02AM Thread Closed

Are there any other sites similar to this one I can check out?

re: other sites  unknown  5 Sep 16 1:32PM Thread Closed

Any site that doesn't have Mor and refuses him entry is a good site.

re: other sites  unknown  5 Sep 16 3:58PM Thread Closed

Mor went to Poetry Circle and everyone laughed at his shit poetry.

It is no wonder it closed down after Mor shit all over it.

re: other sites  unknown  5 Sep 16 3:59PM Thread Closed

Mor is jealous of Jenn's Sappho.
He could not match her skill to own.
Mor thought he’d set the world aglow.
What shit, that pissy pants Mor.

re: other sites  unknown  5 Sep 16 4:02PM Thread Closed

Which merely goes to show how mad Mor really is, obsessing about Jenn who has not been here for the past year and more.
Every chance Mor gets he mentions Jenn's name.
What a fucking cuckoo!

re: other sites  unknown  6 Sep 16 8:01AM Thread Closed

^ all true!

re: other sites  kripto  6 Sep 16 8:10PM Thread Closed

did some of you just copy and paste what you guys said in the other thread... God you guys really hate Mor...

re: other sites  kripto  6 Sep 16 8:20PM Thread Closed

hey... no, anybody can queef, not only done by the skankiest of women with the most questionable of hygienic habits. Queefs happen, shit, Ive experienced a few over my sexual conquests and I have never bedded a skanky woman with questionable hygienic habits.... just saying...

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