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update site  kripto  6 Sep 16 8:16PM Thread Closed

Is there anyway this site can be updated, add a search bar so one can search specific poets or poems. Maybe add different genres of work. I work for an online ad agency that employs an extremely talented web developer.

re: update site  unknown  7 Sep 16 12:54PM Thread Closed

You would need to contact the site owner, Donald Tetto.

Good luck getting a reply!

re: update site  Inuki  8 Sep 16 12:31PM Thread Closed

Indeed, from what I know of the matter, Don made this site as a pet project in school and has pretty much lost interest. He assigned a few moderators who have limited abilities to remove posts, but left them with inadequate tools to ban abusive users or spam bots which is why this place is routinely flooded with them.

As for search functionality, these features already exist, but they are just buried:

http://poetrycritical.net/browse/ has a search bar for poems based on keyword with ability to sort by title, date, etc.

In theory, you could search the users (in a less than efficient manner) by sorting that list by Usernames and then browsing through the pages.

The owner is a web developer, so I doubt he needs your assistance. He simply isn't interested in doing anything further with PC so far as I know.

re: update site  starr  8 Sep 16 1:10PM Thread Closed

<3 Inuki!  Hope you're well!  :-)

re: update site  unknown  8 Sep 16 1:52PM Thread Closed

Starr is an abusive user.

re: update site  unknown  8 Sep 16 2:51PM Thread Closed

Mor is an abusive moron.

re: update site  starr  8 Sep 16 7:40PM Thread Closed

Mor is a queef nugget.  

re: update site  starr  8 Sep 16 7:44PM Thread Closed


re: update site  starr  8 Sep 16 7:47PM Thread Closed

Mor had too much fun with his mother growin' up.  'Nutha breadstick, dear?  http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Queef+Cordon+Bleu

re: update site  unknown  8 Sep 16 11:49PM Thread Closed

Starr is an abusive user.

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