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hello  varun  9 Nov 16 11:54AM Thread Closed

the old goons still around, i see.

hello to all.

re: hello  starr  9 Nov 16 12:35PM Thread Closed

Hey, varun!  Hope you're well!  Good 2cu!  I'm over at Poetry Circle.com now where there are moderators and no trolling tolerated!  It's a great, lively place full of good people and some from here as well!  Go check it out!  I think you'll like it.  Anything's better than THIS dead website.  :-) <3

re: hello  unknown  11 Nov 16 8:36AM Thread Closed

No site that has the Mor troll on it, can ever be described as good.

re: hello  unknown  11 Nov 16 1:09PM Thread Closed

says the Mor troll.

re: hello  unknown  13 Nov 16 2:29AM Thread Closed

Nasty Plath likes the nasty jenn troll.

re: hello  unknown  13 Nov 16 9:25AM Thread Closed

Nasty Shaw likes the nasty Mor troll.

re: hello  starr  13 Nov 16 2:22PM Thread Closed

Mor needs 2b stuffed and roasted next Thursday on a spit over an open fire.  I'll go get the gasoline and matches.  POOF!  ;-)

re: hello  unknown  14 Nov 16 8:12AM Thread Closed

It’s fun to watch Mor do his mad puppet dance, while Thomas Shaw pulls his strings.

re: hello  starr  14 Nov 16 12:49PM Thread Closed

It's fun watching Mor live his pathetic, uneventful life trolling dead websites.  

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