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3 months  cadmium  11 Nov 16 6:56PM Thread Closed

to go. aw+sum, knew larry could make pc great again if it was homo free. see u in 3.

re: 3 months  Qayyum  12 Nov 16 5:15AM Thread Closed

peace be upon you cadmium, I hope you are in good spirit.

how do you forsee that larry could make pc great again?

see you in 3 months too, insyaallah.

re: 3 months  cadmium  16 Nov 16 11:33AM Thread Closed

thanx. larry lark thinks i'm too mean and critical. we have different ideas of what p.c. might be for us. i want to find poets, he wants to find an audience. ironically, i'm one of the few people who's been around enough and old enough to actually know how and why he's writing and what he's referencing and have actually tried to help him smooth out his prose style into a poetry.


re: 3 months  unknown  16 Nov 16 1:19PM Thread Closed

toot toot.  bauer always tooting his own horn.  

re: 3 months  unknown  16 Nov 16 1:54PM Thread Closed

toot toot.  Mor always tooting his own horn.  

re: 3 months  cadmium  16 Nov 16 4:03PM Thread Closed

> toot toot.  bauer always tooting his own horn.  

you mean then, historically and culturally, that i'm acting like a 'poet'? thanx. rimbaud and yeats and john donne thank you too.

re: 3 months  unknown  18 Nov 16 5:07AM Thread Closed

I can see you are pumping yourself up again. Mind you don't go pop. You are so wrapped up in your own pomp and circumstance that you wouldn't look out of place among Queen Lizzies retinue. There is a vacancy i do believe as a cogi groomer round the back of Buck House. I await a response in 3 months time.

re: 3 months  cadmium  18 Nov 16 4:38PM Thread Closed

so, where's the insult in all this...? that i'd be a common laborer, or an earl? maybe, the duke of earl... duke, duke, duke; duke of earl, oomp, oomp; duke of earl, oomp, oomp; duke of earl...

re: 3 months  unknown  19 Nov 16 12:57AM Thread Closed

Oh my God ...He sings as well

IMC  aforbing  19 Nov 16 3:37PM Thread Closed

Is ms. Isabelle still around?
I wrote a couple good ones and posted them.
Hope you are all well... ~Forbster

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