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Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  18 Nov 16 9:46PM Thread Closed

Often the story-teller or Poet is like a magician doing a magic show -- she does her second best trick first, befuddles us with some not-bad moves 'til the end where she then marvels us with her best-trick of pulling the rabbit out of the hat -- however, some poets scintillate their sounds with frequencies that whorl into your inner-ear where they divine as music in the brain to create a world of synergy, pattern-recognition, all over again -- yes, and by this alchemy-of-word, the brain detects changes that become signals which glow sympathetically as warmth in the chest, or a chill to the bone, rising again as a whispered sigh or deep guttural moan -- so the magic is really that we're all connected to these sounds that become music in our head, words that resonate with images and memories of smell and sight, thus making a frisson to fall up the spine, as oh and awe, and that's a Poetry so fine...

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  18 Nov 16 9:48PM Thread Closed

Sartre averred: "follow the pen without looking for words." - homo-luminous turn'd an invertendo-innuendo into a whirl'd rolling ʞɔɐq-words for some more, where deep calls to deep, where it'd risk absurdity in an u n f e t t e r e d language, where the beginning of awe is the end of wonder ...

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  18 Nov 16 9:53PM Thread Closed

to over-state it, poetic-individuation is the way being under-understood, where you're feeling overwhelmed by the cloud-of-unknowing, where deep calls to deep, where mystery is its work, in the tears that we weep, in those dreams of our sleep ... There’s something wonderful in the cloud-of-unknowing that imagist Poetry tries to present. It’s the unfinished, undone qualities of potential that make the infinity of possibility trivial. To my mind, these Poets of concision and image seem to enjoy the process of their craft and the unfinished story they produce. Unfinished because it's the reader who completes the story with their own gathering reflections. I’d imagine ‘knowing’ to be the end of ‘curiosity’ and all of its earnest joyful speculation.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  18 Nov 16 9:56PM Thread Closed

Mermaids sing smooth scales, lulling the melodious sea, rolling-it-around with the sound, until it becomes a p e a r l -- and that pearl is the soul, awash in a whirl'd of flow and friction, 'til from true grit it shines, reflecting everything, all a-round, the sea, the sky, your inner outward looking eye, holding the light it has found...

the goal of soul is an ancient ache, the incessant longing to be infinitely-in, to linger on the edge of silence, to swell in waves of ardor and wash upon a further shore, to go where love beckons us, to follow our hearts much more...

"Constant, abrasive irritation produces the pearl: it is a disease of the oyster." -- Lenny Bruce

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  AlchemiA  18 Nov 16 10:04PM Thread Closed

yesTosterone shots

it's the overtures which are under-understood; in those resonant chambers throbbing of wood, whether in a tremulous come-hither twitter or a resounding clamorous call-to-arms, they're sincere sound meme's that're in a sympathetic-response to our heat rising like that, along the frisson of a falling-curve ...

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  18 Nov 16 11:41PM Thread Closed

hey, alc. what's this about your wood throbbing? is that what poetry's about... snicker, snicker.

a poet, you write yourself out of your own stupid self-referencing emo bubble and begin to write as two people -- one looking at what you love, and the other watching you write. there's no way to turn the poem into just another opinionated creig's list ad for the nobel prize. that's empson's 7th kind of ambiguity, where you float in your language rather than using it to scrub your guilty conscious and sense of embarrassment away, by writing what you couldn't say to someone to their face cause you're just chicken... 'unkown'. and why most things posted here are stories with wheel-chair ramps so the semi-literate can get a story buzz without too much reading.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  AlchemiA  19 Nov 16 11:26AM Thread Closed

lol cad -- I knew you'd pen ʞɔɐq-words with your bilious barb's and acute accusations -- these Words stumble over my thick, ungainly tongue and you reach-out to help me to the farther shore of my sentence -- nonetheless, I look both ways before crossing my eye's :)

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  19 Nov 16 12:33PM Thread Closed

i used to be sweet, Algo, then i learned that it's supposed to be about getting likes, not getting your word pattern space into real. real alchemy invents molecules from the soul's atoms.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  AlchemiA  20 Nov 16 11:49AM Thread Closed

"The maker of a sentence launches out into the infinite and builds a road into Chaos and old Night, and is followed by those who hear him with something of wild, creative delight."

-- RalphWaldo Emerson

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  20 Nov 16 12:15PM Thread Closed

emerson to thoreau: 'why are you in here?' -- thoreau to emerson: 'why are you out there?'

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