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re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  AlchemiA  20 Nov 16 10:49PM Thread Closed

the urge to merge is age-old -- where deep calls to deep -- to surrender as a drop into the sea of bliss, which we feel in the beloveds kiss -- it's the bliss of breaking through that barrier of self to become all, beyond these filtering senses that clamor and call -- becoming the cosmic drunk with stars in our head and oceans deep in our eyes -- speechless with sympathies choking our throat, drowning in love 'cuz there's no way to float...

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  AlchemiA  22 Nov 16 3:16PM Thread Closed

Eros-Thanatos conflicts abound round this whirl'd of word-wander

--  A trail-blazer is like a 'scout' with eyes for something derp'd, they run over the arc of this rolling whirl'd; and they'd run and run, looking hither and thither, then they'd switch-back their eyes from the blind-spot that confabulates the looking-hole with what we all think we know ... you see: our brain makes-up things to fill-in the blanks, so ya' have to send someone askew-of-you, someone who doesn't really know what you'd always do, someone who'd 'wonder' off the beaten-path, someone that can simply-see through this scotoma-hole filled in by the brain, ya-know ...

-they'd detect something derp'd in the blind-spot we all call home-

He thinks they're ?¿ intertextual-fugues ?¿ -- That they're another mythos ЯOЯЯIM:MIRROR that's cracked and makes for many reflections, many "meme's 'n murmurs" and "twitters 'n tweets" which become complete in him, He reads this omen-nomenclature, and prognosticates just-in-time.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  22 Nov 16 6:05PM Thread Closed

it's about walking the walk, not passing your orals.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  cadmium  22 Nov 16 11:10PM Thread Closed

poetry is music, where the space between the vowel values forms a chord, and the consonant values form rhythm. the meaning in the content flavors the music so that the poem sounds like the emotion created for the reader.

there is the urge to merge -- but, what i meant when i coined that phrase several years back, was the urge of the poet to merge into his self and have language be the new flesh and blood. there's the urge towards others, but others are always alien from us on the most profound level. they never really live up to your expectations, unless you're expecting dinner or a home run or a baby.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 4:44AM Thread Closed

bros before hos. carry on, gents.


re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 1:05PM Thread Closed

I like Alc when he does his whirls...But I am probably not the only one who doesnt know what this cute thread is about.

The argument is alwaus the same and it is always circular when it is about "This" and "Poetry"
I don't think Cad knows either. That's why he is walking the walk...

It's a communication trick. If you don't know what somebody is talking about you reply in a cliche.

a bit like: "you see: our brain makes-up things to fill-in the blanks"  That's true enough too but a level of commitment must be present.

It's easier to say (and I do this at work sometimes to customers) "that's a pretty shirt." Things like that serve  a purpose - It changes the conversation into something easy, puts the person at ease and there are no blanks to fill in.

simplicity rules ok.

The thread does have a header 'Ars Poetica' but all I can see is two old men having a sweet agreement. Meeting for a coffee, a natter about 'the wife'. Keeping nice about a mutual enjoyment.

I enjoy my shirt, you enjoy my shirt. Same biz. Let's kiss away the blanks. Sweet stuff.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 1:31PM Thread Closed

you catch more flies with honey


love many
trust few
always paddle
your own canoe

words of the ages, non?

my mother was a hilarious one - she used to get idioms or proverbs or whatever you call them mixed up.

her funniest one was:

a watch dog never happens

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 1:32PM Thread Closed

complaints to the complaint department. lol.

have a good day, guys.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  unknown  23 Nov 16 2:11PM Thread Closed

every post Pollystinkcunt makes is pure passive-aggression.

she has nothing to add but her own empty space.

re: Ars Poetica: what now is 'this'  PollyReg  23 Nov 16 2:35PM Thread Closed

what you don't understand, unknown, but what everyone else can see clearly, is that there is no way you can know that from text. you own your own perception, love. if you feel i don't like you, therefore pleasant posts are passive aggressive, it has come from somewhere in you. maybe you are insecure. i'm fucked if i know.  if you did know me, you'd know that i'm outright aggressive, chicken, if i feel the need to be so. so why would i be passive aggressive here? what would i gain, yo? the thread made me giggle. they are like two little kissy kats and i liked it.

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